Samsung Gear S2 Classic

[Deal] T-Mobile Gear S2 Classic for $149.99

The #Samsung #GearS2Classic is now available on eBay for just $149.99. The smartwatch comes with support for LTE and is locked to work with T-Mobile. So you won’t have much luck if you are paired with another network. The Gear S2 comes with a fairly attractive design and a circular watch face, which gives it the

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

[Deal] Gear S2 Classic w/ Leather Band for $269

The #Samsung #GearS2 is one of the best smartwatches money can buy today. What makes it special is its unique user interface that allows the users to control the UI with the rotation of the watch bezel. You can now get the ‘Classic’ model of this smartwatch from eBay for just $269. The listing mentions

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 Classic for $259

Interested customers can now get their hands on the #Samsung #GearS2Classic for just $259 from eBay. The smartwatch usually retails for $349, so you’re saving quite a bit here on Samsung’s premium wearable. The Gear S2 Classic, unlike the base level Gear S2 variant, comes with a leather watch band and a metal body, thus justifying

Samsung Gear S2 goes on sale via Amazon and Best Buy today

The #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch can be purchased in the U.S. starting today, as most of us know already. And right on cue, Amazon and Best Buy have listed the smartwatch on their respective sites, letting users get the device right away. Samsung is only offering the Gear S2 now, with the #GearS2Classic yet to arrive.

Gear S2

Samsung to officially start shipping the Gear S2 wearable next month

#Samsung officially announced the #GearS2 series of wearables a few days ago, but didn’t provide detailed information on the availability of these smartwatches. We got a very good idea of its pricing earlier today and now, the company has officially confirmed that the smartwatch won’t be up for grabs until October at least. This isn’t particularly exciting

Gear S2 -1

Samsung to release the Gear S2 Classic alongside the Gear S2?

#Samsung is all set to release the #GearS2 smartwatch next month as we all know. Well, a new report suggests that the company will also release the #GearS2Classic along with it, which could be a slightly more expensive version of the wearable. The revelation was made by an FCC listing, so it’s coming from a very