Gear S2

Upcoming Samsung Gear smartwatch could identify users by their veins

According to a new report, the upcoming version of the #Samsung #Gear smartwatch could have a rather unique feature on board, something that no one else in the industry has tried before. Well, it is said that the company’s next wearable will have vein tracking technology, which could allow users to be identified or authenticated

Samsung Gear S2 getting an update with battery life enhancements

#Samsung has freshly started rolling out a new firmware update for the #GearS2 smartwatch that brings forth a very crucial feature on board – improved battery life. The smartwatch comes with a pretty decent battery life already, but this new update should probably make it even better, which is pretty amazing for something like a

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 can be bought for $269.99 ($30 off)

The #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch starts from $299.99 and the price goes all the way up to $349 if you opt to get the Classic variant. The entry level model however can now be yours with a $30 discount, bringing the price down to just $269.99. The smartwatch comes with a unique design which makes it stand

Samsung Pay on the Gear S2 smartwatch delayed until 2016

The #Samsung #GearS2 smartwatch was released in the U.S. a couple of months ago. Customers were promised that the wearable would get support for #SamsungPay sometime in December. However, the date has come and gone, but the smartwatch didn’t see an update carrying the company’s proprietary wireless payments service. A popular Samsung blog has now picked up

LG Watch Urbane 2

Samsung Gear S2 and LG Watch Urbane 2 reaching AT&T on Nov. 6

The #LG #WatchUrbane2 and the #Samsung #GearS2 wearables will be available for purchase from AT&T starting this Friday on the 6th November. Given that these are premium grade smartwatches, you shouldn’t expect them to go easy on your wallets. The Watch Urbane 2 with LTE has been priced at $199 with a two year contract agreement

Samsung Gear S2 Classic

New revelation slips out the pricing of the Samsung Gear S2

With #Samsung officially announcing the #GearS2 and the #GearS2Classic wearables a few days ago, a new revelation is giving us a very good idea of how the company will price the two wearables, and it’s not all good news. The prices mentioned here are for the European regions, so we’re not sure if they’ll apply

Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear ‘Lacks Something Special’

Along with many other smart watches, the Galaxy Gear has been expected for some time now, and while we all wait for manufacturers to put more emphasis into the wearable smart tech market in the near future, we’ve got to look at what today offers us, and to be quite frank, there really isn’t that much


Samsung Smartwatch could launch alongside Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Smartwatch known as the GEAR could break cover alongside the Galaxy Note 3 on the 6th of September at the IFA 2013 event, according to a new rumor. We’ve previously heard about Samsung patenting the name “GEAR” for a future Smartwatch like product. As this is just a rumor, we urge you to