Q1 2016 saw a 3.9% increase in global smartphone sales

#Gartner has published a new report on the state of the global smartphone sales in the past quarter. According to the report, the global market saw an increase of 3.9% in sales compared to the same period last year (YoY). #Apple, understandably, saw a decline in sales over the one year period, while #Samsung was

Android Dominates With 79% Market Share For Q2 2013

The latest data released by Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, shows that the Android platform is dominating smartphone sales for the second quarter of this year. A total of 79% of smartphones sold worldwide for Q2 runs on Android. What’s also interesting to note is that smartphone sales have finally

Gartner: Android Again 50% Of The Smartphone Market

Gartner published their fourth quarter 2011 results on Wednesday morning and no surprise, Android is still holding strong at the top of the smartphone heap with 50% of the market share. Apple’s iOS comes in at second place with 23.8% of the market share. Year over year, there was significant improvement in both operating systems.

Gartner: Android Up To 52.5% Of Smartphone Users In Q3

Gartner just released their results for the third quarter of 2011. Worldwide sales of mobile devices increased to 440.5 million units in the third quarter. Amazingly, Nokia is still on top overall. Gartner researchers credit this to sales of feature phones, flip phones and “dumb phones” in emerging markets.  Samsung was in second place overall

Microsoft Gets Ready To Unveil Mango Update

Starting Tuesday Windows Mobile phones will start to receive a software update, and while it won’t be a major update it is still better than nothing. Microsoft will show off these new features from the update called Mango that will be coming to Windows Phone 7 operating systems at an event in New York. At

Microsoft Phones Sales Don’t Look To Good In 1st Quarter

The latest report on mobile sales from Gartner does not look pretty for Microsoft. According to the report the company only sold 1.6 million phones during the 1st quarter of this year. However, Android on the other hand, at least according to Google, is activating 400,000 devices a day. In other words in four days

Gartner Cuts Their Original Estimate Of Handset Sales

According to Gartner Inc, full year sales for mobile handsets could be less than the 1.8 estimate that was made earlier. Carolina Milanesi who is a Gartner Analyst reported that the 13.3 million unit growth in channel inventory, along with less demand from consumers in emerging markets registered at the start of the second quarter

Android Leading Smartphone OS For The 4th Consecutive Month

Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report for March 2011 came out this morning and of course as no shocker Android is the leading smartphone OS for the fourth month in a row.  Since Admob’s purchase by Google last year, Millennial Media is the largest independent mobile advertising platform in the world. They make the actual user

Android OS To Be On 49% Of Smartphones By 2012

Android has already taken control over the smartphone market in the U.S., however by the end of 2011, Android will have also dominated the global market as well. By 2012 Android will be running on almost 50% of smartphones, and will be the dominate operating system, at least according to Gartner. According to Gartner, the

Gartner: Android Ranked #2 In The World IOS Ranked #4

Gartner, one of the most trusted names in wireless research, released their end of 2010 studies today which revealed the Android operating system had an increase of 888.8 percent across the world. This comes right on the heels of IDC’s news that smartphone sales topped PC sales last quarter for the first time ever. IDC

Gartner: Tablets to Cut Into PC Shipments

Gartner a leading research firm in mobile and computing technology has reduced it’s total PC shipment outlook for 2010 by 4% and it’s forecast for next year down 2%. Gartner sees that both consumers and business are holding off on making traditional PC purchases. This is in part due to the troubled economy and the

Nokia Continues To Just Say No To Android

There’s a new sheriff in town at the headquarters of Nokia and his name is Stephen Elop.  Nokia, has long been the top selling cell phone manufacturer in the world. Along with that Symbian, an OS they once backed and have now basically bought/taken over, is also the number 1 OS in the world, but