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Garmin Vivofit

[Deal] Garmin Vivofit fitness band selling for just $45

Those looking to get a fitness band on the cheap (apart from the Xiaomi Mi Band), might be interested in something as versatile as the Garmin Vivofit. This wearable usually retails for about $130, but is now selling for just $45 courtesy of retailer Choxi. The only caveat here is that this is a refurbished model of

Top ten Apple Watch alternatives that support both Android and iOS

As an unapologetic (wink, wink), self-acknowledged Android aficionado (don’t call me a fanboy), and writer who earns money off Google’s prosperity, I’m practically and almost unconsciously compelled to dislike, scorn and mock Apple. But oftentimes, Cupertino makes it really hard to hate on them. The iPad Air and Air 2 are gorgeous and their “ecosystem”