Review: Gamestop – PowerUp Rewards

Available On: Android Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes If you’re a PC Gamer or even a Console gamer or just a gamer in general, you may find that Gamestop’s app for both Android and iOS users will prove to be very helpful. Gamestop has created it’s open app that tailors in with its

Nexus 7 available for pick-up at Gamestop

The Google Nexus 7 has finally started shipping to customers who had pre-ordered it. There’s no way you will be able to get your hands on a Nexus 7 if you haven’t pre ordered already. Many stores have stocked up the devices; however, they are all refusing to sell it and waiting for a green

GameStop Outs Asus Transformer Prime Release Date?

We knew that the Asus Transformer Prime release date was just around the corner, but now, if the GameStop preorder page is correct we know exactly what the date is. According to the Transformer Prime will release on December 9th. GameStop has the tablet on preorder for $539.98 for the 32gb version which is

Gamestop Testing The Sale Of Android Tablets In 200 Stores

A couple months back we reported that GameStop may be getting into the tablet computer business to push their own mobile gaming format. Today, more information has come out about this new strategy. According to the Wall Street Journal, GameStop will be testing the sales of Android tablets made by Acer, Asus and Samsung in