GameStick Release Date Pushed Back To November 15

Popular Kickstarter funded project GameStick will once again have a delayed release date which PlayJam announced will be on November 15. This portable Android gaming console was supposed to be released last September 30, but was later delayed to October 29. This new release date will place it in the same time as Sony’s PlayStation

GameStick - 1

GameStick console hits the FCC, launching next month

Several months ago, a Kickstarter project for the GameStick portable gaming console exceeded all expectations as it garnered seven times the actual funding goal. And now GameStick is finally nearing launch and has arrived at the FCC’s doorsteps. This FCC listing reveals the console itself along with some shots of the internal hardware. The wireless

Kickstarter Funded GameStick Releases E3 Trailer

  It’s always nice to see mobile related tech at E3, and it looks like GameStick is going to be one of the bunch that fall into that category. Whilst the spotlight at this year’s E3 will no doubt be on Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, PlayJam has still managed to gather a

Kickstarter-backed GameStick console is now available for pre-order

GameStick, the console whose development was backed by the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, is finally available for ordering. PlayJam, the team behind GameStick is selling the device with a price starting at $79 for the standard bundle via an Amazon-powered pre-order service. Meanwhile, the GameStick Dock retails for $24.99 and the GameStick case for $9.99. According

GameStick Bases Final Design On Backers’ Suggestions

With only a few days left until its Kickstarter project ends, GameStick has already amassed a sum of $554,471 from its 4,947 backers. This is much higher than its goal of $100,000 goal. After many hours of deliberation and adjustments, GameStick’s developer revealed the controller’s final design, which is based on suggestions sent in by

GameStick: Kickstarter Funded Android Based TV Game Console

The market for an Android based gaming console hasn’t been fully tapped yet. Take the case of Ouya which is the first Android gaming console. The device is so successful that they overshot their target at Kickstarter and have now delivered the dev consoles to game developers. The consumer versions of Ouya will be delivered