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5 Free Android Halloween Games Worth Checking Out

It is now the time of the year to bring out your scary costumes and test your guts in different ways.  Whether you are a big fan of the Halloween season or it is just a day of the week like any other for you, you must admit that the frenzy out there can get you in a mood for something scary.  Armed with your Android smartphone, you can install some Android games from the Google Play Store on your phone and play the Halloween away.  Here are some 5 Halloween games I think you should have a look at, they just might make your day!


1. Bubble Blast Halloween


The developer describes Bubble Bust Halloween as a game to trigger an “Halloween Chain Reaction”.  This is a puzzle game that the player bursts Halloween characters which then trigger chain reactions to make them disappear.  The game is available in 2 modes: Puzzle mode which has 5000 levels and is available as an exclusive for this Halloween season and Arcade mode which allows the user to play freely.  The game is easy to play but it can be addictive and quite a number of players admit to being addicted to it already.

Rating: 4.6/5.0 Stars


2. Chalk Ball Halloween


Rated 5 stars by 72% of the users who have played, the Chalk Ball Halloween game offers Spider Web Pumpkins and more and is a great entertainment game for someone who wants a simple one finger game.  The player gets to draw spider webs which do not last for long as they make the pumpkin bounce while dealing with a variety of ‘Halloween stuff’ obstacles.  The player collects points for as long as they keep drawing the spider webs while dealing with zombies, thunderstorms and vampires among other obstacles.  The game has 2 difficulty levels and as the player progresses, more tools and game levels unlock.  At the end of a level is a Halloween Trivia which is a lot of fun for those who want to learn something new.

Rating: 4.5/5.0 Stars


3. Coin Dozer Halloween


I must admit Coin Dozer is a unique kind of Halloween themed game, but it is playable and has earned quite a number of fan following.  The story of the game revolves around a haunted house and the player is required to ‘Doze’ or drop coins on a graveyard to get treats and prizes.  The challenge is fighting off ghosts and ghouls without pushing the coins on to the glowing pits where monsters lurk.  While playing, the player collects candy, jack-o-lanterns and witches’ cauldron, more coins and other special bonuses.  The includes advanced coin physics, over 34 special prices and coins, spooky 3D graphics and a lot of special effects.

Rating: 4.4/5.0 Stars


4. Halloween Slots


Forget the half-baked slots that many developers publish online, the Halloween Slots is the real deal.  This is an incredibly spooky Halloween blockbuster game available for free on Google Play Store comes with a new Halloween theme with refreshing elements and has a number of mini-games including Trick or Treat.  The user gets to bet as much as 100 coins and hits the jackpot when they get 3 pumpkins.  Other great features include free spins on ‘Trick & Treat’, flying bat animations, competitive online leader boards and witches, spooky sounds and ghosts.

Rating: 4.1/5.0 Stars


5. Halloween Monsters Match 3


This full game comes free but with ads.  This is a Halloween game with so many monsters – but don’t worry, it is nothing you cannot handle with your fingers.  The story line is a typical scary zombie Halloween – with dark, creepy graphics and monster dangers to be stopped, this is a great game to play well beyond the Halloween season.  It features wonderful but creepy graphics, over 50 levels to play (endless mode), online ranking for more competitive gameplay and very addictive match3 setup.  Having looked at the comments by users though, it appears that this came, though ad supported, spams the notifications on the Android device.

Rating: 3.9/5.0 Stars