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Bluestacks reveals Gamepop Mini Console


Whilst Bluestacks already had plans to release their first console, the Gamepop, a device that could go head to head with the popular OUYA, it seems Bluestacks haven’t stopped there.

Bluestacks has recently revealed another console, named the Gamepop Mini.

The Gamepop mini is even smaller than the Gamepop, and is a small box the size of a controller.

The biggest difference between the cubed Gamepop and the tiny box-shaped Gamepop mini is not the shape though, and is instead the pricing models.

Whilst we talked before about the Gamepop being available for a one-time fee of $129, Bluestacks has revealed a pricing model for the Gamepop mini that allows those wanting the console to get it right away without paying a penny.

Once owners have the console, they’ll then pay a monthly fee of just $7 for 12 months, and then after paying the full $84, the console is theirs to keep without any other recurring fees or payments.

Those that aren’t happy with the console can send it back early for a $25 restocking fee and will then no longer have to pay the rest of their contract.

The Gamepop has already seen support by many well-known developers, particularly for their Looking Glass software- a feature that allows the Gamepop hardware to port over iOS games to the Android gaming system.

We’ve been seeing a lot of these small Android ‘consoles’ pop up now, including the OUYA, the Gamestick, and now the Gamepop and Gamepop mini, but do you think there is a big enough market for these consoles to remain successful, or is this a trend that will soon die out?

Source: AndroidPolice