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Archos GamePad 2 arrives at the FCC

Archos Gamepad 2

Archos Gamepad 2

The Archos GamePad 2 has been spotted at the FCC bearing the model number A70GP2. The device however has a 180 day confidentiality request which means there are no substantial images to back up the filing. This also means that the device won’t be out anytime soon, although the upcoming IFA event would be perfect for an announcement like this. Some common features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi were revealed by the FCC filing.

The first gen Archos Gamepad just arrived earlier this year in the U.S, so it makes sense to go with the delayed launch theory. The confidentiality request letter attached with the filing had the August 2 date, so six more months could mean we won’t see the device at least until next year. Gamers will want the GamePad2 lives up to the standards set by the NVIDIA Shield. We hope to hear a word or two on the Archos GamePad 2 during the IFA event in Berlin next month.

Source: Arc Tablet

Via: Android Community