How to Use the Samsung Gamepad with the Galaxy Note 3

A new question recently came to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads, “I am planning to buy a Samsung Gamepad for my Galaxy Note 3 when I go on vacation overseas, since it is not yet available in our location. Now, may I know how can I use it together with my phone?

Logitech Gamepad

Logitech iOS 7 iPhone gamepad photo leaked

Photographs of Logitech’s latest gaming accessory for the iPhone have been leaked, the accessory is a gamepad case that clips on to the phone and connects via the lighting port. The gamepad case has a D-pad and five buttons on one side for all of the button mashers out there, on the opposite side there

SteelSeries Free Bluetooth GamePad Controller For Android

With some of the cool controllers popping up lately, it’s not a secret that gaming on Android has been getting easier. That said, it’s only expected to see new accessories for the platform to help make the gaming experience even better than it was before. With that said, one of the larger gaming peripheral companies

ARCHOS Reveals New 7 Inch GamePad

ARCHOS just announced the GamePad, which is supposed to be quite similar to the Xperia Play (or even the PlayStation Vita) and WikiPad. You can essentially look at this device as a tablet with gaming controls. I’m not so sure if it’ll be very popular with the PlayStation Vita only selling around 1 million units

Wii U is as good as Xbox 360 says Microsoft

The Wii U is a new upcoming video game console by the Japanese multinational, Nintendo, and is the successor of Wii, a home game video console that was launched back in 2006. Wii competes with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Wii U features an all new controller which is named as GamePad. It incorporates traits from both,