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Energy Drink Maker Red Bull Charging Into The Gaming Industry As a Publisher

The beverage company, Red Bull, is getting ready to give itself “wings” and expand into a different industry which happens to be video game publishing. Since the company isn’t content with selling around 4.5 billion cans of beverage each and every year. Red Bull will be co-publishing a new game called Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for Xbox Live Arcade this upcoming winter alongside the widely known Microsoft Studios. I almost think it’s been unheard of a beverage company expanding into video games. What’s next? Mass Effect 4?

Actually, it’s not entirely a surprise that Red Bull is doing this for their version of the Crashed Ice event. What is the Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect exactly? Well, its the virtual version of their Crashed Ice event which is a extreme winter sport that is like ski cross on ice skates. It really is a intense sport, and with all intense sports a video game must be created. That said, Red Bull will be publishing this game along with Microsoft Studios. The game will allow four players to slide across their living room(s) all at once, with local split-screen and some online multiplayer features. Boy, that sounds like a serious injury waiting to happen, especially if you’re in the room with four others competing for the screen. I mean, the Kinect isn’t very good on most games when it comes to just one player, imagine four players now.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is currently being developed by Bongfish. They may sound familiar if you’ve played Stoked: Big Air Edition and a title for Xbox Live Arcade that was backed by Doritos last year called Harms Way. It’s no surprise if you haven’t heard of it, it wasn’t a huge hit. In fact, I personally thought it wasn’t very good, thus I am kind of skeptical about this upcoming title from them. I just think that it was poorly developed and needed a lot more work, thus I do not have any sort of high hops for Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect. Also, the fact that it’s going to be for Kinect, I feel like Red Bull is wasting their money on this. Until the Kinect 2.0 comes out (yes, it is coming) I feel like games for the Kinect are just terrible. It really wasn’t ready to come out yet due to it erroring on simple gestures like moving your arm while guiding a mech.

Hopefully I’m wrong and Bongfish will do a fantastic job on this new title.

“For any developer it’s a huge opportunity getting their hands on a fresh IP like Crashed Ice,” Bongfish director Michael Putz said. “Combining the nature of this unique sport with the power of Kinect should result in an outstanding experience and evolve digital sports to its next level.”

Is anyone looking forward to Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect? What do you think about Red Bull co-publishing a video game instead of focusing on their beverages?

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source: EuroGamer