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Game Insight Coming Out With MMORPG, Dragon Eternity For Android Soon

Game Insight is a Russia based game development company which has come up with not so popular game titles such as Paradise Island, Crime Story, Rule the Kingdom and Diamonds Blaze, both for Android devices and iOS devices. Their upcoming title though promises to be something a little more interesting with the potential to become a lot more popular.

The upcoming title from Game Insight is called Dragon Eternity and it’s a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or simply (MMORPG). The game has all the ingredients that make an MMORPG game popular. It lets you play with different with different multiplayer modes all of which are complex and exciting and challenging. Five kinds of Player vs Player mode in fact. The game is a non-repetitive gameplay for long hours of non-stop gaming.

For the battle hungry among you, the game also offers hundreds of monsters to slay, thousands of quests and missions to fight your way through and if you are the ‘soft’ kind who would rather prefer not to join the battle directly, the game gives you the option to play the role of a weapon crafter or gatherer and indirectly help your teammates.
The gamer has three main character classes to choose from with a wide range of options to upgrade and improve your character. With hundreds of different options to change the way the game behaves and your character behaves, the game promises to offer endless hours of fun.

The game is in the final stages of development and will hit the Google Play store, Apple App Store in a couple of months’ time. The game will also be available for playing on HTML5 capable browsers. The browser based version is currently in the beta stages and you can actually play it to be a part of the testing process. To play it online, click on the Dragon Eternity’s official website link.