5 Best Game Controllers For Pixel 3

The world has changed. Slowly the days of traditional console gaming are drifting away leaving us with a demand for better portable games.  Even new consoles offer their users the opportunity to take their games on the road. Mobile gaming has become the new standard.  No longer can we be satisfied with tapping a screen

5 Best Game Controllers For Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus is a massive device, and to play games, you need the best game controllers for Galaxy S10 Plus. As far as Android gaming goes, you get more screen real estate that way, but it’s a little more difficult to control as far as the on-screen digital controls go. They’re already annoying,

5 Best Game Controllers For Pixel 3 XL

It probably only took one game of Fortnite, trying frantically to drag your finger across a screen, before you started wondering, ‘What is the best gaming controller for my Pixel 3 XL?”  Mobile gaming is intense, competitive, and here to stay. Most smartphones cost more than the latest generation consoles. Some users utilize their phones

Benchmark reconfirms Asus Game Box specs: Android 4.3, Tegra 4 CPU, 2 GB RAM

Untroubled by Nvidia and Ouya’s struggles with making their latest Android game console efforts relevant, Asus forges ahead with its own Shield rival/trend-setter wannabe, a controller supposedly dubbed Game Box. First spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark and subsequently blessed by the Bluetooth SIG with the necessary regulatory approvals to see daylight, the Asus Game Box