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Minecraft Gift Cards Now Available In The United States

Those who reside in the United States are going to be pretty excited with Mojang’s latest announcement concerning Minecraft. If you have been holding off on purchasing the hit title for various reasons and concerns with online purchases, you can now buy a Minecraft gift card to redeem the full game in-stores. Of course, it is still going to be required that you have a internet connection to redeem the game and then download it. After downloading it and logging in there is the option to play offline, but you will be missing out on the beauty of online servers if you choose to do that.

The really nice thing about the game cards is that you can now easily fit into a stocking for Christmas or even in something as small as a birthday card. We will just have to see whether people will be throwing in World of Warcraft time cards or Minecraft game cards into stockings now. Mojang has also said that you can ship these game cards anywhere in the world as long as the person receiving the gift has an internet connection to redeem the code and download the game. So, if you have a friend in the UK that you want to play Minecraft with, picking up a game card at your local store and sending it off to your friend overseas works flawlessly! Of course, they might be angry with you if they were avoiding this addictive game like the plague.

If you’ve already purchased a Minecraft game card, you can head over here for full instructions on how to redeem your code and attach it to your account. It is very hassle free, user-friendly, and requires barely any effort on your part (other service like Battle.Net is a bit more complicated when trying to redeem something).

If you haven’t been aware of Minecraft and how popular it has been, the game is essentially all about mining and crafting to create things beyond your wildest dreams. Of course, there are other benefits to the game like the ability to download mods like the extremely popular Tekkit. Tekkit basically adds industrial items to Minecraft. That will allow you to make things like nukes and destruction catalysts to blow things up. Specifically your friends creations. If you do that, you may just be labeled worse than a creeper though (it’s probably best you do not do that).

Mojang has said that these game cards will be available at Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Other retailers were not listed, but they did mention something about selling these game cards internationally. Currently, you can not buy Minecraft at stores over the seas, but Mojang is working on making the Minecraft game cards more widely available. For now though, you can just find the cards at Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Most everyone in the U.S has a Target or Walmart near them, so issues getting one of these cards shouldn’t be a problem.

Will you be picking up a Minecraft game card?