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Top 10 Budget Smartphones to look out for this Black Friday

The holidays are coming up quickly, and with it comes some really awesome deals on our favorite pieces of technology. If money is a little tighter than usual this year and you cannot afford some of the more high end gadgets, we have put together our top 10 list of the best budget smartphones to

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Errors [Part 5]

Our mailbox has been flooded with hundreds of Samsung Galaxy S2 problems and questions already after publishing the first four parts of this series. It seems like there are millions of owners who are still using this phone and aren’t getting much support from their service providers already. So, if you have problems with your

Samsung Hub app could be skipped from future Galaxy devices

As we all know, Samsung devices come preinstalled with Samsung Hub, which is the company’s dedicated app store for some exclusive titles which non-Samsung devices don’t have access to. It is now being said that the company could be looking to ditch this service altogether beginning with future Samsung products. This move has already come

Samsung Update

Samsung posts status of Android 4.4 update for its devices

There’s a certain amount of confusion regarding which Samsung device will get the Android 4.4 update and when. The company has now tried to answer a few of those questions by posting an update status chart showing the devices that are slated to get the update. Unfortunately for global users of the Galaxy S3 (I9300), the update

Samsung Admits Galaxy Gear ‘Lacks Something Special’

Along with many other smart watches, the Galaxy Gear has been expected for some time now, and while we all wait for manufacturers to put more emphasis into the wearable smart tech market in the near future, we’ve got to look at what today offers us, and to be quite frank, there really isn’t that much

Samsung Galaxy Note III rumored for September 16th release on Three UK

Everyone’s anxiously waiting for Samsung to announce their next generation Samsung Galaxy Note device, and the rumors just won’t stop until its released. According to some internal documents found by the folks over at Engadget, Three UK will release the Samsung Galaxy Note III on September 16th. This will put the release about 12 days after Samsung’s


Samsung close to scoring enterprise contract with FBI and Navy

Samsung said earlier this year they would be investing heavily in the enterprise business, developing custom applications and programs on top of Android to make the mobile more secure and offering some third party applications within the suite. It seems they are very close to nabbing two big contracts away from BlackBerry, who have for

What’s with All the Galaxy smartphones?

  Even though there are rumors about Apple bringing a few different models into the game this year to compete with the teeming masses of other Galaxy smartphones, the Cupertino-based company has previously managed to sell incredibly well with just one premium smartphone each year. It seems Samsung has taken a very different approach though, and