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Samsung Announces the Galaxy Xcover 2, Water/Dust Resistant Droid


We’ve heard plenty about rugged and water resistant phones like the Motorola Defy, the Sony Xperia active and of course the Samsung Galaxy Xcover. This Samsung droid was water, dust and dirt resistant making it the complete package for heavy duty users. Sadly though, the market for rugged phones isn’t as big as the companies would like which is why we usually don’t stumble across a lot of these phones. However, Motorola thought it was a good idea to come up with a successor to the Defy with the Defy Plus and now it is Samsung which has come up with a successor to its Galaxy Xcover smartphone. This move was expected, but not this soon. We were originally expecting the Galaxy Xcover 2 to launch at the MWC later next month, if the leak last week was anything to go by. However, it’s good news that the device is here so that we can finally get it out of the rumor mill. So what does the successor to the original Galaxy Xcover pack?

Samsung has vowed to make this an instant favorite for hardcore users like the most of us. True to its rugged exterior, the Galaxy Xcover 2 is dust resistant and can sustain water levels of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without skipping a beat. What’s even better is the fact that it is usable under water, now that’s exactly what you need for your swimming sessions, right? Jokes aside, the Galaxy Xcover 2 is a pretty rugged device as evidenced by the images above. Sammy has spared no expense in making this device a looker at one glance. Powering the smartphone inside is a 1 GHz dual core processor (manufacturer not known), 1GB of RAM, 5MP camera sensor on the back and a decent 4-inch 480×800 resolution display. The rugged exterior means that the smartphone is a tad heavier than your average handset at 148.5 grams. Thankfully, Samsung has made sure Jelly Bean is running on the smartphone on top of the TouchWiz Nature UX of course. A 1,700 mAh battery powers the device up which Samsung calls “massive” for some strange reason. Either way, the Galaxy Xcover 2 has merely been shown off and there are no details on availability or price just yet. We’re guessing Samsung wants to keep that for the MWC event next month in Barcelona.

As expected, the Galaxy Xcover 2 doesn’t feature state-of-the-art hardware specifications, which is most probably to accommodate for the low price tag. Maybe manufacturers should take a leaf out of Sony’s book and learn from what it has done with the Xperia Z, which is a water/dust resistant smartphone and a flagship device at the same time. There’s no rule book anywhere which claims that rugged phones have to be low end or mid ranged, so I don’t quite understand the logic behind low end rugged phones. Regardless, the Galaxy Xcover 2 will certainly appeal to a different set of audience and we will anxiously wait for more info on the device at the MWC next month. In the meantime, you can let us know what you think of the device by dropping a line below.

Source: Samsung Press Release
Via: Android Police

Samsung Could Launch the Galaxy Xcover 2 at the MWC Next Month


The smartphones we have today, be it the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone 5 or the Lumia 920 aren’t exactly rugged mobile machines. And that’s because the manufacturers tend to give less emphasis to the durability of the smartphone, with the main focus being the looks of the device. But the Sony Xperia Z changed the definition of good looking durable smartphones, and we hope other manufacturers follow suit. However, these rugged and durable phones also known as “life proof” phones have existed since the last few years. We saw Motorola announce the Defy back in 2010, and Sony announced the Xperia active in 2011 which boasted of water and dust protection. And then around the same time, in came the Samsung Galaxy Xcover which was dirt, dust and water resistant. These smartphones usually promise superior protection from all forces of life irrespective of where you are and what you’re doing. It’s been more than a year since the Galaxy Xcover broke cover, and we’re beginning to hear of a successor to the rugged phone. The folks at Sam Mobile have claimed that Samsung is prepping the launch of the successor to the original Galaxy Xcover which will apparently be unveiled at the MWC event next month.

The little info that was available about the smartphone suggests that this will be a standard low end budget smartphone when it comes to the specs inside, but would certainly make no compromises with its ruggedness. The Galaxy Xcover 2 apparently packs a decent sized 4-inch 480×800 display along with a 5MP rear camera and a VGA front facing camera. There’s 4GB of onboard storage apparently which will be expandable via the microSD card slot. The IP67 certification will be on board too, which gives it the tag of a rugged smartphone.

Surprisingly, we’re seeing fewer and fewer of these rugged smartphones in the market these days which is really disappointing. Because for those who use their handsets on a regular basis and almost everywhere they go, it’s impossible to keep it safe from drops or accidental coffee spills (or dunks in the toilets, oops). So it makes sense to have more smartphones like these coming to the market. The problem however with these phones is that they don’t usually come with a pleasing exterior as all the connectivity ports have to be covered with a rubberized flap to avoid water sneaking in. So the Galaxy Xcover 2 and the Sony Xperia Z could be the year’s first water and dust resistant smartphones. Will we have more? Only time will tell.

Source: Sam Mobile
Via: Android Central