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How to hard reset on Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Learning to hard reset or factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 may become handy if you’re troubleshooting. We’re sure that some of you can’t remember all the steps on how to do this procedure so we decided to post this article in case you’ll need guidance later. Before we proceed, we want to remind

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

[Deal] T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 with LTE for $109.99

The T-Mobile branded #Samsung #GalaxyTab4 8.0 with LTE is now selling via eBay for just $109.99. While there are quite a lot of LTE tablets available out there, it’s quite hard to find a good one from a big ticket manufacturer like Samsung. The LTE networks on this device can only be accessed by T-Mobile

[Deal] Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for just $129.99

An eBay retailer is now offering the #GalaxyTab4 10.1 (Education) for a paltry $129.99. This is essentially the same 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 4, but with a different set of software features underneath. But the core will remain the same. The changes you see here will be mostly to cater to educational institutions as the tablet

Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

[Deal] T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 with LTE for $109.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyTab48.0 is now available via eBay for just $109.99. The tablet comes with a fairly attractive hardware specs sheet for a budget tablet, so be sure to check it out if you’re on the lookout for a new tablet. As a bonus, the device also comes with 4G LTE support. However, network connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

[Deal] Verizon Galaxy Tab 4 with 4G for $147.95

Samsung’s #GalaxyTab4 8.0 is now available from eBay for $147.95. The seller is offering the #Verizon model of the handset, which means you cannot access it using any other network in the U.S. What this also means is that this is a fully equipped 4G LTE-based tablet, so you won’t be limited to using the WiFi

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

[Deal] Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 with 4G LTE for $159.99

The #Samsung #GalaxyTab48.0 with 4G LTE is now available for just $159.99 via eBay, making it one of the cheapest 4G LTE offerings available in the mobile industry today. The tablet is listed as “New other”, which means it’s not a refurbished item but might come with an opened box for unlocking purposes. It comes from

[Deal] Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 for $119.99

Samsung’s #GalaxyTab4 7.0 is now available for just $119.99 via eBay. This is a sizable discount on the tablet and makes it a very attractive proposition in the budget tablet segment. This here is the 8GB model of the tablet, which shouldn’t be much of a concern for the customers as there’s a microSD card

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung to launch a new CPU variant of the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 tablet last year featuring a midrange Snapdragon 400 quad core SoC. A new leak now indicates that the company could be looking to launch a slightly revamped version of the tablet with a Snapdragon 410 chipset, which is also 64-bit capable. Interestingly, this will still be known as

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 Nook

Samsung and Barnes & Noble Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1 goes official

Samsung and Barnes & Noble have previously launched the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook tablet in a 7 inch configuration. And now, the two companies have stretched the partnership further with the launch of the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 10.1. This tablet comes with a budget price of $299.99, making it a very attractive option for

Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 now available through Verizon for $459.99

Verizon Wireless has officially started selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 starting today. The tablet can be snatched up for $459.99 without a contract or $359.99 if you’re willing to get it on a two year agreement. Customers can purchase the tablet using Verizon Edge as well. The tablet can be added to the More Everything

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 will be available via T-Mobile starting July 16

Samsung’s midrange Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 tablet is now up for pre-registration via American carrier T-Mobile. The Galaxy Tab 4 series is expected to be widely available across all major carriers in the coming weeks and it’s good to see T-Mobile joining the list relatively early. Not too long ago, we saw U.S. Cellular launching the 10.1 inch Galaxy