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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Finally, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 WiFi Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolls Out

Users with Samsung Galaxy 10.1 WiFi only must be a happy lot now, there was some exciting surprise waiting for them this morning.  Samsung has finally rolled out the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update.  It may be a little late, and some may be talking of a Jelly Bean update but this is a major upgrade and will certainly go a long way to improve device performance and add more features to the tablets.  It would have been great though if Samsung just worked on a Jelly bean update and upgraded the devices directly to it instead of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The new update brings various enhancements and features, the most notable being the new user interface Touchwiz.  Most users love Touchwiz, but some hate it – the good thing is that the users will have an option to use the included version or to just install an application of their choice.  The entire Ice Cream Sandwich version is 254MB and users do not need to use Kies to install the update.  There is an option to use Kies though when updating Over The Air (OTA) but I bet informed users will choose to go without having to deal with the complexities of the Kies software seeing how bad it is.

If you are interested in knowing, the build number of the update being rolled out is IMM76D.  Further good news from Samsung is that this is not the final or the end of the operating system updates or Ice Cream Sandwich for that matter.  Rumor has it that the Galaxy tab 7.7, Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 – both the WiFi and 3G versions, will be getting updates to Ice Cream Sandwich very soon.  If you have any of these tablets, you may just have to wait a little longer.

Do you have the Galaxy Tab 10.1?  Have you received the updates?  How do you find the new Touchwiz?  Are there any new features or add-ons that are worth sharing?  Let us know what you think and we will let other users know.