Galaxy S9 Plus email setup error: “The username or password is incorrect or POP3/IMAP access isn’t turned on for this account.”

Samsung’s most recent addition to its popular Galaxy line, the #GalaxyS9 and #GalaxyS9Plus, both have advanced software and hardware. Despite the obvious improvements this latest Galaxy model brings, issues that plague older models are still present in them. One of such issues is the “The username or password is incorrect or POP3/IMAP access isn’t turned

How to upload photos to Google Drive on Galaxy S9

Every Google account is entitled to a free 15GB free storage on Google servers and the best way to manage your files is by using Google Drive, which comes pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy S9. If you have a bunch of photos you want to save in the cloud, then I guess Drive would suffice

Galaxy S9 won’t install update, stuck at 25% [troubleshooting guide]

Some #GalaxyS9 owners have contacted us lately about their device being unable to install system update. The update installation itself seems to proceed well initially but once it reaches the 25% completion mark, it stops and refuses to budge. In this troubleshooting episode, we provide you the ways to address this problem. We hope that

How to remove popup ads and viruses from your Galaxy S9 Plus

There are many Android owners who keep on asking how to deal with popup ads and viruses on their devices on a daily basis so today’s troubleshooting guide will answer this issue. While the cases mentioned below are taken from certain Galaxy S9 Plus reports, our sugggestions can be applied to whatever Android device you

Samsung Galaxy S9 keeps losing signal

There have been Samsung Galaxy S9 owners who’ve been complaining because their phones reportedly kept on losing signal. As a result, they could no longer send and receive text message, make and receive phone calls or connect to the internet via mobile data. Some of our readers said that it could be due to a