How to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 that keeps rebooting randomly (easy steps)

Frequent and random reboots are more often caused by some firmware-related issues unless of course there’s an issue with the hardware. But for a new phone like the Samsung Galaxy S9, it’s almost impossible to have hardware-related problems that may lead to reboot issues. After all, Samsung has already learn its lesson with the Galaxy

What to do if your Galaxy S9 won’t detect your SD card anymore

Hello guys! Welcome to another troubleshooting article. Today’s post will talk about on things that you can do if your #GalaxyS9 no longer detects or recognizes your SD card. We also cover a frequently asked question about how to get files back from a stolen phone. We hope you’ll find our answers helpful. Problem #1:

How to stop pop-ups on Galaxy S9

Are you experiencing random or frequent pop-ups on your Galaxy S9? You’re in luck as this article will help you deal with it. Learn what you can do about this problem by following our solutions below. How to stop pop-ups on Galaxy S9 Dealing with pop-ups, whether on a phone or computer is not a

How to fix Galaxy S9 battery drain issue due to AASAservice

Many Galaxy users discover that sometimes, AASAservice, which is a Samsung service, surprisingly tops the list of apps that consumes a lot of battery power. In this troubleshooting episode, find out the ways to deal with AASAservice and what you can do in general to deal with battery drain issue on your Galaxy S9. Problem: Galaxy S9