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What to do with your Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t charge?

Charging issues are among the most common problems reported by Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. There were those who complained about slow charging while there were also those who reported their devices won’t charge anymore. Below are the most basic troubleshooting procedures you need to do to try to fix the problem. But the purpose of

Galaxy S8 battery drains quicker after an update [troubleshooting guide]

We’re starting to notice that there’s a rising number of #GalaxyS8 owners noticing shorter battery life on their respective devices after installing Android updates. At this time, we’re still gathering more information what these updates might be but in the meantime, we’ve decided to also address the issue by creating a list of tricks that

How to fix Galaxy S8 calling issue: not receiving some calls

Many Galaxy S8 users ask us for solutions to some calling issues so in this troubleshooting episode, we show you how to fix a particular case. Aside from calling issues, we also include other common and related #GalaxyS8 problems. We hope you’ll find this post helpful. If you are looking for solutions to your own

Samsung Galaxy S8 became too hot and won’t turn on

This post is intended to owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 whose phones started to heat up for no reason at all and won’t turn on. This kind of problem happens all the time and while we can say it’s an issue with the firmware, we have to make sure it’s not due to liquid