Galaxy S8 shows black screen when lock screen is unlocked

It’s not everyday that we receive real problems about a Galaxy device lock screen. Today’s troubleshooting article addresses a particular #GalaxyS8 lock screen issue where the screen turns black instead of showing the main Home screen. Today’s problem: Galaxy S8 shows black screen when transitioning from lock screen turns to Home screen My phone will

What to do if Galaxy S8 touchscreen is not working properly

Poor touchscreen sensitivity is usually a result of hardware malfunction but at times, it can also be due to apps or software bugs. In today’s post, we’ll show the steps that you can try if your Galaxy S8 touchscreen is not working as expected. Problem: Galaxy S8 touchscreen not working I have a Samsung Galaxy

5 Best Phones For Republic Wireless in 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone for next year, you should consider the many excellent options Republic Wireless has. You have a huge advantage by going with Republic Wireless, as they allow you to pick up a high-end phone, bring it to their carrier, and get it on a data plan at extremely low

How to bypass Factory Reset Protection in Galaxy S8, other issues

One of the proven security features in Samsung devices is called Factory Reset Protection. It’s a simple yet effective way to discourage unauthorized access to a stolen phone. However, Factory Reset Protection can also be a pain to bypass if you happen to forget your Google account credentials. Today’s article deals with FRP and how