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Galaxy S6 Water Damage

Galaxy S6, S6 Edge water damage issues and solutions

Water and electronics do not obviously mix well. If you are looking for advice on what to do with a water-soaked #GalaxyS6 or #GalaxyS6Edge, keep reading and you may find this post helpful. This post covers the following topics: Can files be recovered from a water-damaged Galaxy S6 by moving the NAND chip to a

What to do if your Galaxy S6 does not charge properly

Hello dear readers. Today, we publish #GalaxyS6 charging problems shared to us by your fellow readers. The problems here cover some of the common charging issues some of you may encounter in the future. make sure to bookmark this page for future reference if you can. If you have your own problems to share to

How to deal with a wet Galaxy S6, random reboot issue, other issues

Hello everyone! We constantly receive requests for assistance about water-damaged #GalaxyS6 so here’s another article that addresses this issue once and for all. We also cover 6 more S6 problems in this one so we hope that this post will be helpful for more S6 users out there. Below are the specific topics we’re discussing