Galaxy S6, S6 Edge won’t connect to mobile network

Welcome to yet another post that tries to fix #GalaxyS6 and #GalaxyS6Edge connection problems. Our post for today shares the experiences of 4 of our readers who emailed us similar issues occuring on their new #Samsung phones. All of them shows that mobile data connectivity is a common occurrence despite using a powerful and state-of-the-art smartphone

Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping, other connection issues

Some Android community members have asked us to fix their connection issues on the new #GalaxyS6 phones so this post is our answer to that. Below are the issues we cover in our post today: Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi authentication error Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping Galaxy S6 cannot connect to the internet via mobile

Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Data, Wi-Fi Connection Problems [Part 1]

As we collate the continuous stream of requests for assistance from our readers who have Samsung Galaxy S6, we realize that a significant number of them are dealing with connection problems. This post is therefore created in response to the rising numbers of connectivity-related problems. We hope that this troubleshooter series can provide enough solutions for