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Samsung might ditch OIS from the Galaxy S5 camera

Samsung was reported to be working on a 16MP camera sensor with OIS for the Galaxy S5 flagship, but it seems like the camera won’t be up to the standards as initially expected. According to reports from Korea, Samsung is having trouble manufacturing these 16MP camera sensors with OIS and might be looking to ditch

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch

Samsung Galaxy S5 will go into production in January: Rumor

Just as we head into 2014, the Galaxy S5 rumors are beginning to churn in. Newest of the rumor claims that the smartphone will go into production in 2013 and will be launched in a plastic and metal version, both sold separately. The rumor further states that the smartphone will have a 4,000 mAh battery,

Galaxy S5 Metal Casing

Alleged metal casing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks out

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is still some distance away from launch, but we’re already hearing bits and pieces of information regarding the smartphone. A new leak has now revealed the alleged metal frame of the Galaxy S5. The leaked image comes from a subcontractor hired by Samsung for the production of these casings. It’s still

Samsung Eye Scanning

Samsung patents eye scanning technology, possibly for the Galaxy S5

According to a new patent application filed by Samsung which was accessed by Patent Bolt, the R&D team in Korea could be working on a new eye scanning feature for its future smartphones. Although such patent filings don’t necessarily mean immediate implementation, we’re guessing this is going to be the something unique from the upcoming


Samsung in talks with metal casing suppliers for Galaxy S5

Samsung has become synonymous with the slimy plastic smartphones, but the South Korean electronics giant is in talks with metal casing supplier to develop their next high-end smartphone. We have already heard rumors Samsung is changing course with the Galaxy S5, with a whole new design to go up against the HTC One and iPhone 5S, both


Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature metal chassis: Rumor

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still possibly 8-9 months away from an official announcement, the rumors are already beginning to make way. Earlier in the week, we heard that the 2014 Samsung flagship will come with a 16MP OIS camera. And now, some more rumors have emerged suggesting a metal chassis for the


Galaxy S5 will be the first Samsung full metal smartphone

Samsung has been a dominate player in the smartphone market since the Galaxy S2, but one of the biggest problems with the top-line devices is the plastic coating slapped on top. The Galaxy S5 may break this barrier, with a full metal smartphone similar to the HTC One or iPhone 5. Samsung has been pressured