Solutions to Android 5.1.1 Problems on Samsung Galaxy phones

Updates are meant to improve user experience and fix bugs but sometimes they don’t quite pan out as expected. Case in point is Android Lollipop and its subsequent updates. Months after Lollipop was released, many users are still experiencing system update-related issues. Though it’s unfair to blame Google or Samsung for this unfortunate situation, most

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S5 No Network Signal & Other Related Issues

The #Samsung #GalaxyS5 is an Android smartphone that has several network modes available for it to connect to a network. This device can connect using either GSM, HSPA, and LTE to facilitate the communication needs of the owner. Once connected a person will be able to use the various network related services such as making calls,

Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi not connecting to any network, other Wi-Fi problems

The #GalaxyS5 Wi-Fi connectivity function seldom gives trouble to most users. Unlike mobile connectivity, Wi-Fi problems are relatively easy to fix as most of the time the cause or causes (router mis-configuration, wrong phone setup, interference) are within a user’s reach. Below are some of the examples of these cases. This post addresses these topics: Samsung Galaxy

Rooted Galaxy S5 unable to register to network, more connectivity issues

Today, we address some of the common network and connectivity problems on the #Samsung #GalaxyS5 device. The issues discussed below are taken from emails we received from some members of our ever-growing community. Verizon Galaxy S5 bad reception issue Verizon Galaxy S5 not working on Telus Canada network Galaxy S5 losing connectivity on Wi-Fi Rooted

Galaxy S5 unable to connect to Wi-Fi, other connection problems

Welcome to another article about fixing #GalaxyS5 connection problems. Hopefully, solutions provided in this post will help you find the solution to your own internet or connection issues. Below are the specific issues tackled here today: Galaxy S5 Air Browse feature won’t work on Internet browser Galaxy S5 does not automatically reconnect to cellular network Unlocked

Galaxy S5 hotspot won’t work, other internet connection issues

Hello everyone! Our post for today provides answers to some #GalaxyS5 connection issues. These issues comes from emails of some members of our community looking for answers to their connection woes. Below the topics covered in this piece: AT&T Galaxy S5 won’t connect to Google servers Galaxy S5 not downloading apps and notification bar showing