Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 SMS & MMS Problems [Part 1]

One of the most annoying problems a smartphone user can have is being unable to send or receive a text message. Couple that with inability to send MMS and you have a headache. We hope that this post will give you effective solutions for Samsung Galaxy S5 SMS & MMS problems you may be having

Rooted Galaxy S5 unable to register to network, more connectivity issues

Today, we address some of the common network and connectivity problems on the #Samsung #GalaxyS5 device. The issues discussed below are taken from emails we received from some members of our ever-growing community. Verizon Galaxy S5 bad reception issue Verizon Galaxy S5 not working on Telus Canada network Galaxy S5 losing connectivity on Wi-Fi Rooted

Samsung Galaxy S5 Internet Stopped Working

One of the best ways to stay online while on the go is by using a smartphone. It easily fits in the pocket making it portable and it’s battery lasts longer compared to a laptop. The #Samsung Galaxy #S5 for example allows a user to connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or mobile data

Galaxy S5 mobile data not working and other connection problems

Having problems connecting to the internet using your Samsung #GalaxyS5? This post might just give you the answers.   Below are the topics discussed in our post today: Samsung Galaxy S5 with T-Mobile SIM won’t register to network AT&T Galaxy S5 does not allow tethering Galaxy S5 can download but cannot browse websites Galaxy S5