Samsung Galaxy S4 Not Charging [Troubleshooting Guide]

There were a lot of reports about the Samsung Galaxy S4 that refuses to charge. In fact, the problem was listed as one of the most common issues any user could experience. Like any other problems, causes may vary and its weight may depend on how serious it is. Among the most common causes of

Power Sharing app on Galaxy S4 keeps popping up

Welcome to another post that provides answers to some of the power-related problems on #Samsung #GalaxyS4. Below are the specific issues discussed: Galaxy S4 does not charge USB port issue on Galaxy S4 Power Sharing app on Galaxy S4 keeps popping up Defective power button on Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 no longer powers on after

Samsung Galaxy S4 Problem After Android Lollipop Update

Software updates are generally released to Android devices to introduce several improvements and bug fixes. The #Samsung Galaxy #S4 for example was first running on Android Jelly Bean when it was released but has now been upgraded to Android Lollipop. While it is always a good idea to update your phone software, since the update will

Screen issue when Galaxy S4 is powered on, other charging power issues

Here’s another post for those looking for solutions for #Samsung #GalaxyS4 power woes. Majority of the time, power issues are due to hardware failures, which, unfortunately are beyond the scope of support of this blog. Make sure to ask for assistance from professionals if you don’t want to tackle a hardware failure yourself. These are

Galaxy S4 showing “No SIM card” error plus other battery power issues

Hello Android Community! Here’s another post that deals with #GalaxyS4 power issues. As expected, the problems mentioned here are taken from emails and letters sent by some of our readers. These are the topics discussed in this article: Galaxy S4 initially freezes and eventually stopped turning on Galaxy S4 drains battery faster while charging Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Drains Fast, Does Not Start

The #Samsung Galaxy #S4 is equipped with a 2600 mAh battery that promises a longer usage time. If the phone battery is fully charged for example it can provide more than 13 hours of continuous talk time, 8 hours of web browsing, or 10 hours of video playback. These numbers are quite impressive for this

Galaxy S4 stops charging, more power-related problems

Our post today deals with power-related issues on #Samsung #GalaxyS4 devices. This is a continuation of  our service to Android community in providing free advice for many issues including the topics below: Galaxy S4 keeps showing Power Sharing popup message Solution for Galaxy S4 not charging Galaxy S4 stops charging Power button of Galaxy S4 not