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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems and Errors [Part 32]

Welcome to the 32nd part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S4. In this part we will be dealing with some of the latest emails sent to us by our readers. Some of the issues which we will be trying to resolve today include not being able to receive emails,

[Deal] Verizon Galaxy S4 for $94.95

Remember the #GalaxyS4? Well, we certainly do. It was one of Samsung’s most successful flagship releases of all time, thanks to the perfect combination of new hardware as well as a refined and polished UI. However, it’s been over three years since the handset was released, so it’s not necessarily a new device anymore. But

Galaxy S4 unable to hear voice of caller, other issues

Hello guys! Here are more #GalaxyS4 problems and solutions taken from emails of some of our readers. We also suggest that you visit more S4 posts in this page if you can’t find a solution for your own issue. Galaxy S4 keeps restarting and stuck in boot screen Galaxy S4 audio not working properly Galaxy