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Personalize Galaxy S3 SMS Notification Sound

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Won’t Send or Receive MMS

There are some Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini users who complain about not being able to send or receive MMS. This particular Galaxy S3 Mini problem may stem out from issues like poor network reception, system glitch or another app interfering with the normal function of the device. Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Mini MMS Problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Alarm Clock Won’t Go Off

A message was recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag that reads, “Hi, I have a Galaxy S3 Mini, which has an Intermittent clock alarm fault. One day it rings as it should and on another it gives a one note ring then closes down. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Regards.—Phil” Possible

low cost smartphones of samsung getting the KitKat

Samsung Low Cost Smartphones Looking to Benefit from KitKat

Despite the barrage of complaints that we have been receiving lately from Android Smartphone users who were unfortunate enough to get the buggy version of the KitKat, Samsung plans to bank on it to benefit its low cost Smartphones. According to SamMobile, it recently received an email containing a partial capture of the list of

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Screen Becomes Unresponsive

A problem wherein Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini’s screen becomes unresponsive is not actually common unlike connectivity- and email-related issues. However, we did receive emails from our readers complaining about it so we decided to go through it and provide troubleshooting procedures. Here is one email sent by our reader that describes the problem well: I

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Gallery Stopped Working [How To Fix]

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini was packed with decent specs making it worthy to be called GS3’s “Little Brother.” However, it is not free from errors and problems. One of our readers reported the Gallery app stopped working without apparent reason. I turned to various online forums and found out the problem is relatively common.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S3 Mini to be Announced Tomorrow

The head of mobile division for Samsung Electronics JK Shin yesterday confirmed that Galaxy S3 mini will be the company’s next device to be announced and it will not be marketed as an entry-level device as most people expected.  On a press conference held in Korea, the company boss announced that due to the high