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Galaxy S3 Freezing and Restarting

Samsung Galaxy S3 Freezing and Restarting Problem

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Freezing and Restarting Problem

An email about the Samsung Galaxy S3 freezing and restarting problem has been sent to us recently. The actual message reads, “Hi, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. Recently, I am experiencing freezing problems which causes my phone to restart. I think it has something to do with the new update I installed from Viber and Whatsapp since the problem only became evident when I got them. Also, the freezing and restarting issue happens mostly when I use one of these apps.”

Possible Solutions to the Galaxy S3 Freezing and Restarting Problem

If the Galaxy S3 freezing and restarting problem only occurred after installing the updates from the two apps, then, it is possible that one or both of them are the culprits. Here are some solutions that may solve the issue:

1. Soft Reset

Before doing anything, try to Soft Reset your device first by holding down the Power/Lock button until the phone restarts. This will help refresh its system and remove minor glitches.

2. Clear Data and Cache

If the problem still occurs after the Soft Reset. Try clearing the data and cache of the apps.

3. Reset App Preferences

It is also possible that the problem is triggered by a problem in the global settings of the phone. If this is the case, simply reset its app preferences. Note that this will set all your configurations to their default state, so this one is optional.

4. Re-Install the Apps

Try to re-install the app or apps that are faulty.

5. Contact the Customer Support of Viber and Whatsapp

If you have ruled out that the updates or the apps are really buggy, inform the developers or their customer support about it so they can provide additional solutions for the problem or come up with a new update that will fix the Galaxy S3 freezing and restarting problem while using their products.

6. Check for Rogue Apps

There is a chance too that the mentioned apps may not be the culprit but one or some other apps that have gone erratic. Simply remove Viber and Whatsapp for the meantime and observe if the problem persists. When the problem continues, start under Safe Mode. If the issue does not occur under Safe Mode, then, there is certainly an app or group of apps causing all the trouble. Simply locate and uninstall the apps that you find suspicious.

7. Factory Reset

As a last option when everything fails or you are having trouble pinpointing the erratic third-party apps, simply do a Factory Reset. This will revert your device to its factory settings, remove all the bugs caused by third-party apps and clear out your memory. Take note though that this process will clear all your stored data like videos, pictures, messages and others that you have saved in your device, so see to it that you have backed up your phone prior to this.

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