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Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Errors [Part 18]

Welcome to the 18th part in our series of troubleshooting articles dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S2. In today’s post we will be dealing with some of the latest emails sent to us by our readers. Despite being a rather dated device there are still a lot of people who are using this particular model.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Solutions [Part 1]

I do admit, I was hesitant to write about the Samsung Galaxy S2, which is by the way, so 2011-ish. Considering the popularity of the Galaxy S3, S4 and the upcoming S5, I was thinking no one’s going pick up an S2 anymore. The reality is, dated phones will be shoved aside or be used

Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S2 Problems and Errors [Part 17]

We already addressed more than a hundred Samsung Galaxy S2 problems and errors, so if you got issues with your phone, browse through this page and previous parts because we might have already answered questions you are going to ask. We have thousands of emails stuck in our inbox that were left unanswered but we