Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Mobile Network Not Available

4 Best 5G Phones In 2020

5G is the next networking technology that is supposed to revolutionize mobile networks. The one “con” that comes with 5G is that most phones aren’t going to be able to support the technology right out of the gate. So, if you want to make sure that you’re able to use the new technology as it’s

Galaxy S10 5G

Galaxy S10 5G Will Get 3D Face Unlock with Android 10

As per a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G could get a significant security boost with the Android 10 update. According to beta firmware currently floating around in South Korea, this update will introduce 3D Face Unlock, a much more sophisticated authentication system that leverages the dedicated front-facing 3D depth camera. It is understood

improve galaxy s10 battery life power mode

How to Improve Galaxy S10 Battery Life To Make It Last Longer

If you’re having battery life issues on your Galaxy S10, there are a number of steps that you need to do to identify what’s causing them. When it comes to battery life problems, there’s no specific solution.  In most cases, a user will have to perform a set of troubleshooting steps before a fix may

How to fix Galaxy S10 5G no audio | speaker not working

Audio problems can happen from time to time in a lot of smartphones. The causes are varied so the signs and observable issues can be different as well. In this troubleshooting episode, we’ll show you what to do if your Galaxy S10 5G has no audio or if its speaker appears to be not working.