Troubleshoot Headset Not Working/Not Detected by Samsung Galaxy S4

South Korean tech giant’s very own “life companion” flagship Android smartphone comes with cutting-edge software and hardware technology. But just because it is a great smartphone does not mean that everyone who owns it will have a flawless experience with it. In fact, some GS4 owners have been reporting issues associated with the device’s hardware

Samsung Galaxy S4 Boots Up in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a helpful tool when some third-party apps are causing some problems hindering the phone from booting up properly. Basically, when an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is booted up in Safe Mode, all third-party apps are disabled leaving stock apps and services to run. In this mode, you can disable

How To Fix Common Samsung Galaxy S4 User Problems [Part 9]

I will answer a bunch of questions in this post. I have already published 8 parts of our Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems and Solutions series so if your problem cannot be found here, feel free to browse the previous posts. Links are provided after the break. Samsung Galaxy S4: Problems, Questions, Solutions, Workarounds [Part 1][Part

Troubleshooting Speaker, Microphone Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

There have been quite a number of complaints we got through our mailbag, from owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 regarding some speaker and microphone issues they have encountered while using their device. Some say they cannot hear anyone from the other end but they can hear them. Some are talking about hearing no sound coming

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S4 That Loads Web Pages Very Slow

One of the reasons why people purchase smartphones is because they could browse the web while on the go. But what if you cannot enjoy it because web pages take forever to load? Believe me, this problem happens all the time even to a smartphone dubbed as the most powerful mobile device in 2013–the Samsung

boost galaxy s4 volume

How to Boost Galaxy S4 Volume

“Is there any way to further increase my Samsung Galaxy S4 volume?” asked one reader through The Droid Guy Mailbag. If you find that your Galaxy S4 volume is not yet loud or clear enough for you, there are actually ways for you boost it. Here are the solutions for your device: 1.  Google Play

S-Voice Wake-Up Command NOT Working on Samsung Galaxy S4 [How to Solve]

Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with various advanced features and applications that could somehow change a person’s prior perspective about smartphones. One of the innovative items listed among the GS 4 packages is the S-Voice, a voice app that allows users set up certain wake-up commands through voice recognition. A wake-up command can be used

Video showcases features of new Samsung WatchON app

Among the exciting features found on the Galaxy S IV is a new app called WatchOn. On Youtube, GamerHub recently published a video with a Samsung engineer showcasing the features of the app. WatchOn allows users to watch television in a more interactive and personalized manner. For one, it can turn the smartphone into a

The Galaxy S4: A World Phone?

[Photo Credit: DigitalTrends] There have been many rumors placed in circulation about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 since the tech world received word that Samsung would proceed with a new smartphone in 2013. Since the 2012 smash hit was labeled the Galaxy S3, Samsung customers had no doubt in their minds that the new smartphone would be

Samsung Galaxy S IV to sport a mobile health pad accessory

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV is undoubtedly the most anticipated smartphone that will be coming to the market this year. The predecessor, Galaxy S III, still happens to be a hot product, so you can just imagine what kind of response the S IV will be receiving. Samsung Galaxy S IV being a flagship

New Images Taken With the Galaxy S 4 Leaked

It seems like the Galaxy S IV just doesn’t like getting out of the news. As we’ve already covered two major stories on the smartphone today, a third one has appeared. This one however, brings only good news to the table as there’s no news of delay. This new report actually brings forth leaked images

Analyst Reiterates Claims of a Qualcomm Made Chip for the Galaxy S 4

We’ve already heard plenty about Samsung’s Galaxy S IV, ranging from launch dates to rumored specs, the Samsung flagship makes constant appearances in the rumor mill. However, we recently came across one report which suggested that the smartphone might pack a Qualcomm made chipset and not the Exynos 5 Octa as rumored. This was merely

Analyst Estimates Sales of Over 100 Million for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S IV isn’t even out yet and we’re hearing of projections already. The smartphone is no doubt one of the hotly anticipated devices of the year. And the manufacturer expectedly has some strong projections for the launch and sales of the smartphone. And according to one report, the manufacturer intends to sell

Rumor: Verizon Galaxy S4 Details Emerge on Nenamark 2

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is not a mystery anymore, not to the most of us at least. We saw an alleged render of the smartphone leak out in the internet and we’ve been hearing bits and pieces about its specifications too since then. While none of it can be confirmed as it is still

Samsung wireless charging pad visits FCC

We have a lot of upcoming high end devices and manufacturers are trying to stuff in as many features as possible in order to make their offering an attractive one. Samsung’s most awaited upcoming phone is the flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV, the sequel of Samsung Galaxy S3 which is still a hot product. The

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Rumors, Specs, Launch And More

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is one of the hotly anticipated smartphones of the year. There have been several speculations about the device but nothing concrete, which is the case with any rumor. So we thought it would be fun to compile a little list of rumors and the alleged features that are believed to