Troubleshoot Headset Not Working/Not Detected by Samsung Galaxy S4

South Korean tech giant’s very own “life companion” flagship Android smartphone comes with cutting-edge software and hardware technology. But just because it is a great smartphone does not mean that everyone who owns it will have a flawless experience with it. In fact, some GS4 owners have been reporting issues associated with the device’s hardware

Samsung Galaxy S4 Boots Up in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a helpful tool when some third-party apps are causing some problems hindering the phone from booting up properly. Basically, when an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is booted up in Safe Mode, all third-party apps are disabled leaving stock apps and services to run. In this mode, you can disable

Troubleshooting Speaker, Microphone Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

There have been quite a number of complaints we got through our mailbag, from owners of Samsung Galaxy S4 regarding some speaker and microphone issues they have encountered while using their device. Some say they cannot hear anyone from the other end but they can hear them. Some are talking about hearing no sound coming

Fixing Samsung Galaxy S4 That Loads Web Pages Very Slow

One of the reasons why people purchase smartphones is because they could browse the web while on the go. But what if you cannot enjoy it because web pages take forever to load? Believe me, this problem happens all the time even to a smartphone dubbed as the most powerful mobile device in 2013–the Samsung

boost galaxy s4 volume

How to Boost Galaxy S4 Volume

“Is there any way to further increase my Samsung Galaxy S4 volume?” asked one reader through The Droid Guy Mailbag. If you find that your Galaxy S4 volume is not yet loud or clear enough for you, there are actually ways for you boost it. Here are the solutions for your device: 1.¬† Google Play