low cost smartphones of samsung getting the KitKat

Samsung Low Cost Smartphones Looking to Benefit from KitKat

Despite the barrage of complaints that we have been receiving lately from Android Smartphone users who were unfortunate enough to get the buggy version of the KitKat, Samsung plans to bank on it to benefit its low cost Smartphones. According to SamMobile, it recently received an email containing a partial capture of the list of

Galaxy S advance gets official jellybean update

  Finally Samsung has rolled out the jellybean update for its Galaxy S advance model. The update is now available only in Poland, Ukraine and Germany and it would be soon available to other countries in Europe.   However, as the Jellybean update is unbranded, you can install it in practically any Galaxy Advance S

Galaxy S Advance Will Get Jelly Bean

Samsung’s Android portfolio is massive, but despite the size of it Samsung is doing a great job at keeping their popular handsets up to date with Android firmware upgrades. Recently we’ve seen evidence of Jelly Bean in the works for the Galaxy Note, Canadian Galaxy S III, International Galaxy S II, and now evidence has