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Original Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Leak

Those who are still touting the original Galaxy Note are in for a surprise, as SamMobile has gotten their hands on a leaked build of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy Note. Keep in mind that — as usual — this is a leaked version, so it may not be up to release conditions. One of the known issues with the leak is the lack of S-Pen features. Regardless, with Android 4.1.2 leaked on the Canadian version of the Galaxy S III, the International version of the Galaxy S II and now the original Galaxy Note, I think we’re going to be seeing a massive Jelly Bean bomb in the next few months. Exciting, isn’t it?

According to SamMobile, here is some of the enhancements that you can expect on this leaked build of Jelly Bean.

  • Android 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
  • Project Butter
  • Multi-View (can also be disabled)
  • Page Buddy
  • Notification Panel can now be customized
  • New Additions in Notification Panel
  • Smart Rotation
  • New Samsung Keyboard
  • Samsung’s Cloud services
  • Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
  • New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
  • 2 Home screen modes
  • New Notifications bar
  • Google Now

Now, a lot of you probably just want to know when this is going to become official. What we know right now is that earlier this year Samsung mentioned that a lot of their popular devices would be seeing the Jelly Bean upgrade come to December. On the other hand, some rumors are floating around saying that we won’t be seeing the update until early 2013. Whichever date it happens to be, we sure are close to seeing the Jelly Bean firmware update release on a lot of devices.

source: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy S III 64GB Models Now For Pre-Order In The UK

Clove UK has been teasing a Samsung Galaxy S III with 64GBs of storage space since August, but the retailer is getting ever-closer to its release date. Pre-orders for the device are now current available at £600.00, but you shouldn’t be getting too excited here. Clove has said that stock is expected to be available in a good two months or so, and even at that time, they will be deciding on ordering a shipment based off of how many pre-orders they get. At least we know a Samsung Galaxy S III is in the pipeline.

We’ve also been hearing rumors that a 64GB variant of the Galaxy S III would be making its way to Italy as well, although the regional availability is still up in the air, so we may be in for quite a wait here. My guess is that we’ll be seeing more on the 64GB Galaxy S III after the Mobile World Congress or even CES 2013. Right now there is very little to go on, but some of Clove UK’s statements sounds very convincing, especially since the phone hasn’t been pulled from their website.

Have you been waiting to get a Samsung Galaxy S III until a larger storage version was released, or are you happy with the 32GB version along with how much the microSD card slot offers? If you live in the United Kingdom, will you be pre-ordering one of these guys? Hopefully we’ll be seeing these models roll out somewhat soon, surely this would give Samsung another leg in their sales records as well.

source: Android Central

Leaked document shows Sprint is rolling out Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update on Oct 25th

When Korean manufacturer, Samsung, announced that its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III, released in the United States would be getting the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update “soon,” it actually left an impression that US customers aren’t getting the same treatment as with customers from other regions. The company didn’t provide an ETA as to when the update would be rolled out pushing bloggers to speculate that the update might not be rolled out until 2013. There was, however, one carrier that hinted of an update this year—Sprint Nextel.

While many think Sprint would roll out the update in November, the most recent document that was leaked and published online suggests Sprint Galaxy S III owners could start receiving notifications today, October 25th. The screenshot does look legit and it says the update will bring software build L710VPALJ7 to the device. The XDA Developer community was the first one to publish the document and it spread like wild fire considering the popularity of Galaxy S3.

Many tech enthusiasts believe an update from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean is simply an incremental upgrade as the core architecture of the operating system remains unchanged. However, the JB package intended for Galaxy S III should be larger than typical packages for other devices because of its features on top of stock features such as Home Screen Management, Android Beam, better Notifications bar, Google Now, etc. It is expected that Sprint would add a few features to facilitate better customer service.

If you are one of the Galaxy S III owners under Sprint network, this is one reason to be excited. But at the end of the day, this information still needs confirmation from either Samsung or Sprint and as we wait for it, we must take this new with a pinch of a salt. Perhaps, the best thing to do for now is wait and see if the screenshot was taken from the actual Sprint document.

[source: XDA Developer Forums] [via: Phandroid]

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Amazon offering discount on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung’s Android flagship phone for 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S III, is a really great device. Samsung has managed to sell more than has 20 million units of S III in just 100 days. Now here’s a good news, or may be bad news if you have already bought the device. Since we’re closing in on the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5, and people who haven’t bought a new device are most probably waiting for Apple to launch the next gen iPhone, so in order to attract that group of people, Amazon has made the Samsung Galaxy S III deal sweeter. Amazon has lowered its price tag of the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. This move will surely allow Amazon squeeze some more sales out of the phone yet.

The current price tag of Big Red’s version of the device at Amazon is $139.99. Previously, the phone was being sold for $199.99, so that’s a whopping $60 off Amazon is offering. In order to avail the new pricing, customers are required to activate a new connection and sign a two-year contract. For users who are already with Verizon, fret not because you can upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S III, but the pricing is a bit different. For existing customers, Samsung Galaxy S III will cost $10 more or $149.99 with a new two-year contract. Still, that’s a $50 savings, which is still a pretty substantial saving.

For those who don’t know much about Samsung Galaxy S III, it’s touted as the “best smartphone on the market”, and its features indeed live up to that claim. It has every feature that you would ask. It should be noted that if you are a developer, Verizon’s version of Galaxy S III comes with an unlockable bootloader, which is not a good thing because most of the carriers are fine with an unlockable bootloader. It’s worth noting that Samsung has a Verizon version of Galaxy S III with unlockable bootloader which can be bought from Samsung directly for $599. Coming back to specs of Verizon Galaxy S III, it will be coming with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor as opposed to Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 that is found on the international version. It supports 4G LTE, which is one reason why the US version of SIII comes with S4 dual-core processor instead of international’s Galaxy S3’s Exynos quad-core chips. An impressive 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD Display does its job very well in the display department, and the massive 2 gig of RAM may be a game changer. It has an 8 Megapixel camera at back, while 1.9 MP camera in the front can be used for video chat and stuff, and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box, and of course Jelly Bean update is on its way.

Amazon’s deal is apparently up for a limited time only, so if you do fancy Samsung Galaxy S III, you may very well take advantage of the deal. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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