Samsung Galaxy S4 Call and SMS Blocking

Blocking spammers, pranksters and people that simply annoy you from your Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy. Just add them to your Auto Reject list to prevent them from calling you or include them to the Spam numbers of your SMS app. This article will show you the ways to do it. 1. How do you


Samsung Galaxy F may be the new 2014 flagship

Samsung already has many different ranges of smartphones, with the ‘Galaxy’ brand cementing all the Android smartphones and the ATIV brand for all things Windows. The company splits the brands into specific lines, like the Galaxy S, Note, Mega, Ace, Grand and so on and so forth. The South Korean electronics giant may be preparing


Samsung in talks with metal casing suppliers for Galaxy S5

Samsung has become synonymous with the slimy plastic smartphones, but the South Korean electronics giant is in talks with metal casing supplier to develop their next high-end smartphone. We have already heard rumors Samsung is changing course with the Galaxy S5, with a whole new design to go up against the HTC One and iPhone 5S, both

Samsung Galaxy S Series Surpasses 100 Million Sales Mark

We all know how globally successful the Samsung Galaxy flagships are. Well these are the devices that sell well and single handedly rule the Android world, so it must be something. It is important to note that all of this started with the original Galaxy S back in 2010, which is quite a controversial smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S III Review

Easily the most anticipated Android phone of 2012, Samsung Galaxy S III has finally arrived. The latest flagship phone from Samsung does not disappoint, and has met expectations in every department. Build-wise, S III is similar to its predecessor, with lightweight plastic body. In hand, the phone feels solid and strong. Although the screen is

Samsung Issues User Guide For Galaxy S Value Pack

The O.G. Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate, Vibrant, Epic 4G, Fascinate) will not be getting Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Instead, Samsung is issuing a “value pack” upgrade which has many of the features Ice Cream Sandwich users around the world are raving about. Some of the photo based features like the ability to snap a

Apple Adds Just About Every Samsung Android Phone To CopyCat List

It’s hard to believe that Apple actually buys parts from Samsung. Earlier this year Apple sued Samsung saying alleging that Samsung stole designs from Apple’s iPhone and iPad products for Samsung’s mobile devices. The original lawsuit brought on by Apple alleged that the designs for the: Galaxy S, Nexus S, Epic 4G, and Galaxy Tabs

Apple Sues Samsung Over Galaxy S Phones and Galaxy Tab

Apple has a strange way of working with their suppliers.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is suing Samsung over the design of both their Galaxy S line of smartphones and their 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab, announced in February at Mobile World congress. Apple says in the lawsuit “Rather than innovate and develop its

Samsung Galaxy S Owners Across The Pond Get Gingerbread

Hold your horses if you’re in the United States and remember it took forever to get the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate to Froyo and the Epic 4G and Fascinate still have yet to get Froyo, but hey if you’re a UK or European reader here we go… Samsung has begun pushing out a Kies

T-Mobile’s Latest Ad: Enter The Tech Blogger

We’re not quite sure why they introduced a tech blogger into their latest advertisement but that’s exactly what T-Mobile has done for their latest ad for the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. You know the ads the ones that mimic the “I’m A Mac/I’m A PC” that made Justin Long a household name? The T-Mobile girls

What If We Yelled Froyo In A Crowded Movie Theater?

According to from very reliable Samsung sources the people at Samsung are sporting the official EA-17 buld of Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G and it’s ready to go.  If all goes according to plan, which to date it hasn’t, than Sprint Samsung Epic 4G’s will see an over the air Froyo update on

Accessory Spotlight: Trident Cyclops Series Case

First I want to say normally I’m actually completely AGAINST cases on phones as I believe you should be able to care for something if you want it… Now to the review… I LOVE THIS PRODUCT IF you fit its need… I honestly don’t know why but I love it alot… I was sent a

EXCLUSIVE! Samsung Galaxy S 4G Excluviely From T-Mobile?

No you’re not seeing things. Samsung has announced today the Samsung Galaxy S 4G exclusively from T-Mobile.  According to T-Mobile the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will be the fastest phone on America’s Largest 4G network. Again the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is available exclusively from T-Mobile. T-mobile says the Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Exclusively from

The Samsung Infuse is not a Galaxy S phone?

AT&T was pretty pleased with themselves yesterday at their developers conference as big names from Samsung, Motorola, and HTC got on stage and showed a room full of developers all their goodies before the press events even happened. One of the most notable, the Samsung Infuse, was not available in person for very long, and

Samsung Did Sell 10 Million Galaxy S Phones

Samsung has reported that they sold the 10 Million Galaxy S phones they were hoping for in 2010. Jason Kim, a spokesperson for Samsung told Bloomberg in an interview Sunday that Samsung hit their goal world wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S was released in June.  The Samsung Vibrant was the first Galaxy S to hit

Samsung Posted the Highest Revenue in 2010

Packed by the powerful Galaxy S line of phones and the first true Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung is the cell phone company that posted the highest revenue in 2010 (yes that includes Apple) Chinese language newspaper Economic News Daily did an end of the year recap with some very interesting news.  In

Samsung Sells 2M Galaxy S Phones in South Korea 9.3M Worldwide

Korea’s Samsung has announced that they’ve sold 2 million Galaxy S phones in their native country, since launching about 6 months ago.  They have also announced they’ve sold 9.3 million Galaxy S phones worldwide and are on pace to meet a goal of 10 million before the end of the year. Although the iPhone seems