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Samsung looking to ramp up production of its flexible displays

Samsung Flexible Display

A new report from China, Samsung Display is looking to substantially increase production of its flexible display panels for use in future smartphones. Last year we saw the Galaxy Round which was the world’s first smartphone with a curved AMOLED display, but sadly its launch was limited to just South Korea.

By increasing production volume of its flexible displays, Samsung will finally be able to bring a smartphone touting this display to global markets. The company is expected to invest close to $1.9 billion in this new manufacturing plant which is expected to begin production of these curved display panels by the end of 2014.

This hints that devices with Samsung’s curved or flexible display might not make its way to the market until at least 2015. We can expect the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5 next year to feature the said display, so don’t hold your breath for the launch of a Galaxy Round like device anytime soon.

Given that LG has already ramped up production of its curved displays, Samsung wouldn’t want to be left behind, so it will be interesting to see what it comes up with in 2015. Patent filings have revealed that there could be devices with wraparound displays, so the future certainly looks promising.

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Samsung Galaxy Round might have only sold 10,000 units so far

Galaxy Round

Galaxy RoundThe Samsung Galaxy Round was launched last month as the world’s first ever smartphone with a curved OLED panel. While the smartphone was promising and had all the makings of a true flagship, Samsung decided to limit its reach to South Korea which meant that users elsewhere weren’t able to get their hands on the smartphone.

A new report has now shed light on the actual sales of this smartphone and it’s nothing short of disappointing. According to the latest estimates, Samsung has only managed to sell over 10,000 units of the smartphone so far, which is poor for a smartphone of its caliber. But considering the limited availability and steep pricing, we can’t say this was unexpected. People are expecting more from the LG made G Flex smartphone which features a slightly different design and is substantially bigger at 6 inches. Although it sports a relatively sub-par 720p resolution, features like the Self Healing back cover make it a worthy rival to the Galaxy Round. The smartphone will arrive in the U.S. sometime next year, so people will be looking forward to that.

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Samsung Galaxy Round is merely an experimental device claims report

Galaxy Round

Galaxy Round

When the Samsung Galaxy Round was announced last week amidst much hype and speculation, it was reported that the smartphone will be available only in South Korea, which raised some suspicion regarding Samsung’s plans for the global arena. Now there’s clarification coming through about that and we must agree it’s not good news. Apparently, the Galaxy Round is being manufactured in limited quantities even within South Korea, which means that this is merely an experimental prototype device, killing all the possibility of a global launch.

This also explains why Samsung decided to price the smartphone incredibly high. However, we’re still hopeful that Samsung will eventually launch a curved display smartphone meant for global customers with the Galaxy Round receiving decent popularity already. Functionality is not an issue at all as Samsung has demonstrated in its series of videos, but Samsung will want to make absolutely sure that the market is ready for such smartphones. The Galaxy Round packs an almost identical specs sheet compared to the Galaxy Note 3 but doesn’t have an S-Pen stylus.

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Samsung Galaxy Round goes official with a 5.7 inch 1080p curved display

Galaxy Round

Samsung has formally announced the much rumored Galaxy Round smartphone with a flexible HD Super AMOLED display panel. The smartphone will launch in Korea on October 10, with no word on its availability elsewhere. As rumors have indicated in the past, this might remain an exclusive to the region as Samsung has only recently begun mass production of its flexible display panels. The Galaxy Round features a gargantuan specs sheet, bearing close resemblance to the Galaxy Note 3 hardware.

The smartphone comes with a 5.7 inch flexible 1080p display panel, a 13MP camera on the back, 2MP front camera, a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage accompanied by a microSD card slot, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and a 2,800 mAh battery. The smartphone will be available in a Luxury Brown color variant.

Given the design of the smartphone, Samsung has decided to bundle in a couple of handy gesture features like Roll Effect, Gravity Effect and the Bounce UX. Roll effect basically allows users to get a quick glance at the battery percentage or the time, date etc by simply tilting the handset to either sides, as shown in the video below. Gravity Effect functions similarly and lets users control UI elements with similar gestures. Bounce UX gives users the ability to switch between music tracks with a left tilt or right tilt. It would be a shame to see the Galaxy Round remain a Korean exclusive as it would do wonders in global markets. Let’s hope Samsung makes an announcement soon.

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Samsung’s flexible display smartphone launching this week as the Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Flexible Display

Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung’s flexible display smartphone has been in the works for quite some time now. The company has been competing with LG to bring the world’s first flexible display smartphone to the market. And with LG postponing the launch of its smartphone until November, Samsung is the clear front runner. It has now come to light that Samsung’s smartphone will launch later this week (as rumored), under the name Galaxy Round.

Other hardware features of the smartphone will apparently resemble the Galaxy Note 3, including the processor and display resolution, so we know what to expect. As the smartphone will be manufactured in limited quantities for the time being, we don’t expect Samsung to launch it simultaneously in global markets. It is being said that the handset will break cover in Korea first, to test the waters somewhat. This also means that the pricing won’t be reasonable either. Although flexible displays are going to be cheaper to produce in comparison to regular glass made displays, the pricing could be beyond the common man in its early stages.


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