Samsung Announces the Cool New Galaxy Muse MP3 Player

Samsung has its presence in a lot of categories like smartphones, home appliances etc. And wherever it goes, it gives its unique touch to the products. And that has been the trademark of the company which has been instrumental in its success in the market. And the company has now launched something relatively unknown for

Samsung Launches Galaxy Player 70 Plus: 5 Inch Personal Media Player

Samsung has ripped the cellular connectivity out of their highly successful Galaxy line of Android phones and created the “Galaxy Player” line. This line of new personal media players is designed to take on the iPod touch, by offering all the features of their Android smartphones, aside from the “phone” part. Samsung has just announced

Google IO Coverage: Check Out The Samsung Galaxy S Player

We had a few minutes to check out the Samsung Galaxy S Player probably the closest thing to an iPod competitor. The Galaxy S Player comes in both white and black and has a 5″ SuperAMOLED screen 1ghz Hummingbird processor, 8gb on board memory, and a microSD card slot for more memory. With the news