How to fix Galaxy Note9 wireless charging not working issue

Are you having wireless charging trouble with your Galaxy Note9? Learn how to deal with it below. Galaxy Note9 wireless charging stopped working Not many Galaxy users use wireless charging a lot but if you are the one who finds it indispensable, then you should consider finding solutions if your device won’t charge wirelessly. Below

How to fix Galaxy Note9 not detecting SD card issue

The Galaxy Note9 is a great device but just like any other phone today, it’s far from perfect. In this short troubleshooting guide, we show you the ways to fix your Note9 if it’s not detecting your SD card. How to fix Galaxy Note9 not detecting SD card issue There can be a number of

How to fix Galaxy Note9 Play Store authentication required error

Google Play Store authentication required error is one of the common bugs in Android devices. Today’s post will address this error happening on the Galaxy Note9. Find out the troubleshooting steps that you need to do to fix the problem below. How to fix Galaxy Note9 Play Store authentication required error There’s quite a number

How to add a fingerprint on Galaxy Note9

If you’re tired of unlocking your Galaxy Note9 using traditional means (Pattern, PIN, Password), you can go ahead and try doing it with your unique fingerprint. First, you must ensure that your Note9 is set up to register your fingerprints. Once you’ve done that, you can then go ahead and add your fingerprints. In order

How to fix Galaxy Note9 won’t turn on issue

We don’t normally expect brand new devices like the Galaxy Note9 to fail to turn on but this is what exactly happened to one user. We include his problem description below to give context of the problem. If you are in a similar predicament with your own Note9, find out the things that you can

How to hard reset on Galaxy Note9

Learning how to hard reset on Galaxy Note9 may come in handy when you encounter a problem. Hard reset is also known as factory reset. Refer to the steps on how to do it. How to hard reset on Galaxy Note9 There are two ways to factory reset or hard reset your Galaxy Note9. Below

How to fix a Galaxy Note9 that won’t send text messages

Are you having trouble sending out SMS or text messages on your Galaxy Note9? Check out the solutions below. Why your Note9 may not send text messages There’s a lot of possible causes for this problem. Among the common ones we usually encounter includes the following: incorrect Message Center Number (MCN) lack of space in

How to fix Galaxy Note9 Facebook app that keeps crashing

Some Galaxy Note9 users experiences many forms of Facebook app issues. In this post, we cover one of the problems for this app as described by one of our readers. If you happen to have a Facebook issue on your own Note9, this post might help. Problem: Galaxy Note9 Facebook app keeps crashing I have

Galaxy Note9 won’t send MMS and group message

Today’s Galaxy Note9 post will answer one common issue for Android — being unable to send MMS or text messages with photos, emojis, or attachment. In one particular case below, check out what you need to do if your Note9 is having trouble responding to MMS. Can’t send texts that have contain a picture or

Galaxy Note9 won’t change Sound Mode (only option is Sound)

This troubleshooting episode will deal with a Galaxy Note9 issue about Sound Mode. As described below, we have a Note9 user that’s wondering why only Sound is the option under Sound Mode. The problem goes away though when device is on safe mode. Learn what to do next. Problem: Galaxy Note9 Sound Mode defaults to