Note10 wireless charging

Note10 Wireless Charging Not Working Issue | Easy Fix

Almost all major flagship smartphones today come with wireless charging capability so it’s no wonder if we encounter issues related to this from time to time. With millions of this flagship device in circulation, we can say this problem is not that common. Some Note10 users though have started contacting us about their device failing

How to fix Galaxy Note10 won’t charge | cable charging not working

Charging problems are some of the perennial issues on smartphones. In this troubleshooting episode, we’ll show you the solutions to fix a Galaxy Note10 that won’t charge. We’re trying to address a cable charging issue here so if you have a wireless charging problem on your device, we’ll address that on a separate article. Why

How to fix Galaxy Note10+ Moisture detected error

The Galaxy Note10+ has IP68 rating. This means that it has dust- and water-resistance. Your device is protected from occasional splashes but the charging port may retain water or moisture from time to time. If this occurs, the Galaxy Note10+ may show moisture detected error. This does not necessarily mean that your phone has become