Texts Won't Send Android 10

How To Fix Note10 Texts Won’t Send After Android 10 Update

Some Note10 users have been reporting to us about their device encountering texting issues. While texting problems has always been around and are some of the most common Android problems, we take interest in some segment of Note10 users who said that their texts won’t send after an Android 10 update. If you are one

Note10 App has Stopped Android 10

How to fix Note10 App has Stopped After Android 10 Update

If you are getting the perennial “Unfortunately, app (name of app) has stopped” error for the first time, then welcome to the real Android world. You can’t be considered a real, seasoned Android user if you can’t experience one of your apps crashing on you. In this troubleshooting post, we help Galaxy Note10 users who

Note10 Unresponsive Touchscreen Android 10

How to fix Note10 Unresponsive Touchscreen After Android 10 Update

The touchscreen of a Galaxy Note10 serves both as a display as well as a gateway to software. Even if the display functionality works normally okay, you may still find it extremely annoying if your taps or touches go unrecognized. A number of Note10 owners have recently shared to us their frustrations about their touchscreens

Galaxy Note10 Auto-Rotate Not Working After Android 10 Update

One of the surprising issues we encountered with Samsung Galaxy Note10 Android 10 update is about Auto-rotate not working. We did not encounter this problem with the older Note9 before. Since there have been a number of Note10 users reporting this trouble, we decided to create a troubleshooting post for it. If you’re looking for

Note10 Data Problems Android 10 Update

How To Fix Note10 Data Problems After Android 10 Update

The arrival of Android 10 update has brought in a lot of joys for the Android community. For some though, some weird problems started occurring after installing the latest Android iteration. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you how to fix data problems on a Galaxy Note10 after an Android 10 update installation. This problem

Note10 freezing after Android 10 update

How To Fix Galaxy Note10 Freezing After Android 10 Update

Hardware- and software-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 sports the best stuff the electronics world can offer at this time. This is why you’re paying a premium amount to have it. That said however, it still is not immune to problems just like any non-premium devices out there. If you’re having freezing issue on your Galaxy

Note10 Instagram crashing Android 10 update

How To Fix Note10 Instagram crashing after Android 10 update

Instagram is one of the most popular Android apps with hundreds of millions of users. It’s no surprise to know that complaints of issues about the app seem to not go away all the time. If your Galaxy Note10 Instagram keeps crashing after an Android 10 update, don’t worry as there are solutions that you

Note10 Facebook crashing Android 10 update

How To Fix Note10 Facebook crashing after Android 10 update

With hundreds of millions of Android devices now running Facebook, it’s not surprising to receive complaints of errors and issues about the app. Now, with millions of Galaxy Note10 devices also receiving Android 10 update, this major software upgrade, also brings about fresh cases of Facebook crashing issues.  In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you

Note10 Wifi Problems After Android 10 update

How To Fix Galaxy Note10 Wifi Problems After Android 10 update

As more and more Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ devices are getting Android 10 update, many users are also reporting wifi problems. In this troubleshooting article, we’ll show you solutions that you can do to fix whatever wifi issue you’re experiencing.  Wifi problems are relatively easy to fix. If you’re one of the unlucky users

Note10 No Power after Android 10 update

How To Fix Galaxy Note10 No Power After Android 10 update

The odds of your Note10 encountering No Power problem after an Android 10 update is slim but it sometimes pay to know what to do if it happens. Some users have reported issues with Android 10 update lately and a few did mention that their device fail to turn back on. If you have the

Note10 lagging after Android 10 update

How to fix Galaxy Note10 lagging after Android 10 update

Some Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ users are reporting lagging or slow performance issues as their units are finally getting Android 10 update at around this time. If Android update history is to be considered, this issue is no longer new. Major software overhauls do not always go as planned in some cases. If you’re one

Galaxy Note10 Signal Issues

How to Fix Galaxy Note10 Signal Issues

Samsung’s latest Note flagship, the Galaxy Note10 has been sold by the millions around the world, making it one of the top selling premium devices for 2020. As we close the year, we bring you the solutions to one of the most common issues for this device: Note10 signal issues. If you’re one of the

Couldn't Open Connection To Server

How To Fix Note10 Couldn’t Open Connection To Server Error

Fixing couldn’t open connection to server error is usually simple. In most cases, the issue goes away on its own. If you’re experiencing this problem on your Galaxy Note10, this article should help. Causes of “Couldn’t Open Connection To Server” Error There can be a number of possible reasons why your Galaxy Note10 may not

Note10 video chat won't load

How to fix Galaxy Note10 Video Call Not Working

Are you having trouble with your Galaxy Note10 as its video call feature is not working? This post will show you the solutions that you can try to address this problem. Reasons why Galaxy Note10 video chat is not working Fixing a particular network problem like a video call not working issue requires isolating possible

Note10 PowerShare won't charge

Note10 PowerShare Not Working | Easy Steps To Fix It

This troubleshooting article will try to help those who find PowerShare feature not working on their Galaxy Note10. For those who haven’t heard about Samsung Wireless PowerShare, it’s a wireless charging feature on its flagship devices — the Galaxy S10 series and Note10 series — that lets you charge another device by putting it back-to-back

Note10 wireless charging

Note10 Wireless Charging Not Working Issue | Easy Fix

Almost all major flagship smartphones today come with wireless charging capability so it’s no wonder if we encounter issues related to this from time to time. With millions of this flagship device in circulation, we can say this problem is not that common. Some Note10 users though have started contacting us about their device failing

Galaxy Note10 and Bluetooth headphone

Note10 Won’t Connect To Bluetooth Headphone

Although your Galaxy Note10 still allows wired headphone connection via a special USB-C adapter, it’s more convenient if you just use a wireless earpiece or headphone instead. Samsung is clearly following Apple in this regard by getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is definitely not cool. And while losing the ubiquitous jack is

Fortnite Galaxy Note10

How to safely install Fortnite on Galaxy Note10

Epic Games has intentionally refused to make their hit game Fortnite available in Google Play Store so if you want to play this game, there’s a slightly different way to do it. Don’t worry though as there’s an easy way to safely install Fortnite to your Galaxy Note10. The official way to get Fortnite to

Galaxy Note10 won’t auto rotate

How to fix Galaxy Note10 screen won’t auto rotate

If your Galaxy Note10 screen won’t auto rotate, there are a number of things that you need to do to determine what is causing the problem. In most cases, the fix is simple, like a restart while in some few cases, it may take a factory reset. In this exhaustive guide, we’ll show you all

reset network settings Note10

How to reset network settings on Galaxy Note10

If you find yourself troubleshooting any network-related issue, one of the things that you’re asked to do is reset network settings. This has become a staple solution to most network problems for years now and in most cases, it also works. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to reset the network settings on