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galaxy note ics source code made public by samsung

Samsung open sourced the ICS source code for the Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the best Android phones, or tab phones as it is also called, there is in the Android world. With its awesome 5.3 inch screen and the dual core processor, it has a lot to offer. But with the introduction of Samsung’s new Android smart phone, which has already got the unofficial tag line “The King of Android Phones”, the new Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy Note looks somewhat outdated. The Samsung Galaxy S III has an awesome quad core processor working under that gorgeous screen. So the dual core does look a bit inferior.

But none the less, a dual core processor with a dedicated GPU is more than enough for a casual or even power user of a smart phone like this. The South Korean company released the Samsung Galaxy Note with the older version of Android, the Android 2.3.6, also known as Gingerbread. But as promised, it has already started seeding the new version of Android, the Android 4.0.x, to the Galaxy Note in the wild. Users over at Germany have been the lucky ones to get the update first.

Now that the company has a stock ROM of ICS for the Galaxy Note, it has decided to make its users, developers, and modders more happy by releasing the source code of the phone to the public. Yes, Samsung has open sourced the source code for the ICS build of Samsung Galaxy Note. But the released source code is for the ROM of the international version of the Galaxy Note, which bears the model number GT-N7000, and not for the American model of the smart phone with the model number SGH-1717.

How is this going to affect the end user? Well, if you do not experiment with your phone, this is of no use. But if you are person who likes to root their phones and install, test, and enjoy custom ROMs, you are in for some big treat in the future. The development of custom ROMs for the GT-N7000 may kick start any time soon, and all eyes are fixed on the XDA Developers now. I am for sure waiting for an awesome custom ROM for my Galaxy Note, what about you?