How to fix Google Play Store error 504 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Google Play Store error 504 occurs while downloading an application. Recently, we have readers who reported to have been getting this message on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and that’s the reason we need to address it. The actual error message goes like this “Application can’t be installed. Try again, and if the problem

How to fix Nova Launcher that keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

Nova Launcher is one of the few launchers many Android users actually like and while it’s well-maintained, problems still occur here and there. Recently, we have received complaints from our readers because the launcher reportedly started to keep on crashing on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which has been released a few weeks ago. We don’t

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Error: Unfortunately, Internet has stopped

When your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 starts to pop up the error message “Unfortunately, Internet has stopped” the problem isn’t about your internet connection. The error actually means that the default web browser called Internet has crashed. The cause of the problem could be a minor issue with the app or the firmware. It’s also

5 Best Workout Headphones For Galaxy Note 9

Wireless headphones have a lot of uses, from letting you hear all the little details of an audio track, for casual listening, and so on; however, they’re not always so great for a workouts, not only due to perspiration, but also because they’re generally too large for workouts. For a workout, you need a pair