Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Error: Unfortunately, Youtube has stopped

The error message “Unfortunately, Youtube has stopped” simply means that the Youtube app, which comes pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, has crashed for some reason. More often, the error shows up when you open the app. In fact, the app won’t actually open if the error pops up but there are times when

How To Enable Night Mode On Galaxy Note 9

The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note9 is one of the mobile devices available in the market that has a night mode feature. What this basically does is that when this feature is activated it will protect the eyes from strain when using the phone for an extended period of time at night. How To Enable Night Mode

How to disable Bixby on Galaxy Note 9

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S9, you cannot disable Bixby on the Galaxy Note 9. The option to deactivate it isn’t there and Samsung did confirm that it intentionally disable such feature. Apparently, they want users to use it as your phone assistant. Well, for some, Bixby could be helpful but for most of the users,

How to unfreeze a frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

When your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets stuck on a certain screen, it could be just a minor problem but if it turned off and got stuck on a black screen, there’s a possibility that the problem has something to do with the hardware. While these issues may have different signs or symptoms, they may

10 Best Fast Charging Type C Cable For Galaxy Note 9

If you’re looking at picking yourself up a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you might want to buy a few extra Type-C cables to go with it. It comes with one, of course, but having spares around never hurt, especially if you need to grab one real quick on your way out the door. However, you

5 Best Portable Power Bank Charger For Galaxy Note 9

Need to keep your Galaxy Note 9 charged while on the go? If you’re unable to stay near an outlet for a little while, this can prove to be difficult. But, there’s still a way to keep your Galaxy Note 9 charged when you are quite literally on the go. You can do that through

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 WiFi keeps dropping or disconnecting

Connectivity issues are among the most common problems any smartphone users may encounter from time to time. Even the owners of the new powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be able to encounter this problem. But the good thing is, it’s not really that serious of a problem and you may be able to fix

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 9

You only need to hard reset your Galaxy Note 9 if you can no longer access Settings or if the phone get stuck while booting up. It’s basically just like the factory reset and both have the same benefits but the difference is how they’re carried out. In this post, I will walk you through

5 Best Phones Running Snapdragon 845 Chip In 2020

Do you want your smartphone to have the best hardware? Then you should consider picking up a smartphone with the Snapdragon 845 chip. This is one of the top processors for the year 2018, and it’s being packed in all of the new flagships, including the already released OnePlus 6, Galaxy S9 and upcoming Galaxy

5 Best Wireless Chargers For Galaxy Note 9

Are you looking at upgrading some of your accessories for the Galaxy Note 9, and especially a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 charger? Wireless charging is one area you might want to look so that you can keep your new Galaxy Note 9 at full battery without ever having to risk damaging the USB-C port. Ports