How to fix Black Screen of Death on Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

The black screen of death issue that’s bugging many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners is not new. Even when the device has newly been released, we already received quite a lot of complaints from our readers saying their devices just turned off and would no longer respond. It seems that there are  still a lot

Galaxy Note 8 can’t connect to wifi [troubleshooting guide]

Wifi problems on Android devices are common and one of the most reported issue on the #GalaxyNote8 line is about wifi functionality totally failing to work. For this reason, we decide to write a short troubleshooting guide for you in case you’ll encounter this problem in your own Note 8. This guide covers whether your

5 Best Fast Charging Type C Cables For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of our favorite Android phones right now is the Galaxy Note 8 by Samsung. Extremely innovative, it’s a fantastic device that we can’t recommend enough. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a new phone, you will notice that the charging port and chargers are different than the past ones. Well, you’re

How to fix app issues in your Galaxy Note 8, other app issues

Like any smartphone, Samsung’s latest phablet, the #GalaxyNote8, sports amazing hardware specifications as well as a fresh look of how any modern smartphone should be. But like any smartphone too, it’s also not immune to content or app problems. For this reason, we decided to publish this post to help those who may be experiencing

5 Best Video Stabilizing Gimbal For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the best things that we can do with smartphones these days is film video and take high-quality pictures. Many new smartphones are even capable of taking video in 4K resolution — for the average consumer, there’s almost no reason to buy a point-and-shoot camera or even a DSLR. After all, you have your

How To Enable Developer Mode On Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the large screened premium Android devices that is a great productivity device. It’s main advantage over other phones is its S Pen which allows for a more refined input control. Advanced Android users can gain more control over the device by enabling the developer mode of the

How to troubleshoot your Note 8 when its mobile data is not working

If you’re having trouble with your #GalaxyNote8 connecting to the internet thru mobile data, this troubleshooting article is definitely for you. Make sure to follow the set of troubleshooting steps we provide below. Today’s problem: Galaxy Note 8 mobile data stopped working I just recently got my Note 8. Everything seems to work except getting

What to do if getting Blocked by FRP error on your Galaxy Note 8

Hello and welcome to today’s #GalaxyNote8 troubleshooting episode. This brief article will detail the steps that you can do when faced with “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error on your Note 8. What does Factory Reset Protection (FRP) mean? “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” error is a security check for Android devices. It’s usually