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5 Best Smartphones for Seniors

It’s only natural for our preferences to change with age. The older we get, the less impressed we are with over-hyped features that seldom improve the overall user experience as much as they promise. On the other hand, price and screen size become much more important factors when choosing a new smartphone. Keeping these criteria

Galaxy Note 7 leak

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 revealed in all its glory by a new leak

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 was revealed by @evleaks over the weekend, in what is considered to be the most comprehensive look of the device yet. We can see number 7 laid out on the display with S Pens, making it pretty apparent that this year’s refresh will be known as the Galaxy Note 7 and not the Note

Samsung to announce global Galaxy Note 7 recall soon

In what has come as a surprise to many (although the number is quickly diminishing), #Samsung is now reportedly gearing up to announce a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 units that have been sold so far. This comes in the wake of several reports claiming the device to be featuring a faulty battery underneath,

Galaxy Note 7 Render

Galaxy Note 7 (Rumored Specs) vs Galaxy Note 5 Specs Compare

The release of the highly anticipated addition to the Galaxy line of premium smartphones, Galaxy Note 7, is planned on August 2. Samsung is hoping that the smartphone, which is the company’s first device produced under the leadership of Dong Jin Koh, the current leader of the mobile division, can be the breath of fresh