How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 “Not Registered on Network” error

In this post, I will address one of the common network-related problems many smartphone users encountered. The error message “Not Registered on Network” can mean a lot of things but, of course, the most obvious one is that it’s a network issue, which may need an intervention from your provider. We actually receive several emails

How to fix SMS & MMS problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Messaging problems can occur anytime on any device like the Galaxy Note 4, whether you are using the built-in or third-party messaging app. The good thing is that problems of these kinds are mostly triggered by a software glitch and thus, potential solutions and workarounds have already been determined. So all we need is to

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Not Charging

Without power, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be just another expensive paperweight on your table. We received several emails from our readers seeking help because their device won’t turn on and not charging. Power-related issues are very easy to fix as long as the phone responds to its charger if plugged in because if