5 Best Phones With Removable Batteries In 2020

One of the things that is really a downer in smartphones these days is their batteries. Part of it has to deal with just how much we’re using our smartphone, but a big portion of it is the screens. These days, screen sizes are getting bigger and more detailed, meaning there are tons more pixels

Galaxy Note 4 battery percentage is not accurate, other issues

Whether you’re looking for an answer to your own #GalaxyNote4 issue, or simply trying to know more about your device, we think that this post will be of help. Here are four more issues that some members of our community shared to us. If you want to look for more Note 4 troubleshooting, don’t forget

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 4 “Not Registered on Network” error

In this post, I will address one of the common network-related problems many smartphone users encountered. The error message “Not Registered on Network” can mean a lot of things but, of course, the most obvious one is that it’s a network issue, which may need an intervention from your provider. We actually receive several emails