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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Text Notifications Not Showing Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 notification sound

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Recently, we received a message from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner who is experiencing problems in his notifications. In his message, he stated that his text notifications are not showing up.

For people who are experiencing this problem, here are some possible ways to fix the problem:

1. Reboot the Phone

Assuming that your settings are correct, sometimes, your phone is just playing up on you due to a little glitch in its system. if this happens, all you need to do is reboot it to refresh its system.

2. Disable Interfering Third-Party Apps

According to a contributor in one forum, there are some third-party apps that may trigger this particular Galaxy Note 3 issue. Among the common culprits are the Hangouts app and some pre-installed messaging apps of some carriers like Verizon. Based on the statements of some users who have uninstalled the mentioned apps, they were able to solve the problem.

We are not entirely putting all the blame on the mentioned apps though because there might be others that may be causing the issue.

Another way to check whether a third-party app is interfering with the normal functions of your phone is by entering Safe Mode. From there, observe if the problem occurs. If the issue no longer appears under that mode, there is definitely an app causing all the trouble. However, if the problem persists, the problem may me hardware related already. If so, have it checked by a technician.

3. Wipe the Cache Partition or Perform a Factory Reset

If you are having trouble locating the problematic third-party app the last resort would be to wipe the phone’s cache partition or do a Factory Reset. The latter would revert your settings to its factory settings and eliminate all the system errors brought about by corrupted system files in your phone.

Make sure to back up your device though before performing any of these to prevent loss of important data.

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Source: Android Central