How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Issues [Part 1]

If there’s one thing that makes smartphones attractive, it’s the camera feature. The camera has become an integral part of any phone today that it is unthinkable to have a snartphone without the ability to capture moments of our lives. As phone-mounted cameras become the norm, camera hardware and apps have also become sophisticated creating more and

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera that takes pictures sideways

One of our readers emailed us seeking assistance because her Samsung Galaxy Note 3 started taking pictures sideways. Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind is the orientation. If the phone’s display was set not to auto-rotate, this problem may happen. Our reader didn’t actually say how and when it started, although, she did

Solutions For Note 3 Power, Boot Up Issues [Part 2]

There are a lot of ways a Note 3 can go wrong but one of the most common problems being reported by users around the world are those concerning boot-up and power-related ones. As we aim to educate Android community about these issues, we come up with a focused set of posts to address them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and How Tos

This is the first part of our Galaxy Note 3 tutorial series and there are ten step-by-step guides you can follow easily in this post. You may already know some of the things I mentioned here but I think it would still be necessary to publish posts like this for the benefit of users who

Fixing Common Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Errors [Part 19]

Being one of the most popular Android phones, especially in the “phablet” category, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has become one of the most praised and criticized device. It is also one of Samsung devices with longest running series of problems and solutions. But like what I always say in my post, majority of problems

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 3 User Problems [Part 16]

Hey guys, welcome to the 16th segment of our Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Problems and Solutions series. The solutions I suggested in this post are intended to either fix the problem or to know what the problem really is. Seriously, we want to help you but remember, we don’t have access to your phone so